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Belgian malamute information

The Belgian Malamute is a very smart and obedient dog. Belgian Malamute has a strong protective and territorial instinct. This breed needs extensive socialization from infancy, as well as firm but not harsh training.


Belgian Malamute has a sense of protection

They are instinctively protective, so they should be well trained and socialized from an early age. Unless you specialize in conservation, you don’t need to give your Belgians any conservation training because it’s natural for them. Belgians are ideal pets because they thrive with love. Belgian Malamute instinctively shows herding behaviors such as chasing and circling, moving effortlessly for hours and following people’s heels. Dogs are good at working and competitive obedience, but not suitable for toddlers who run and scream. A Belgian Malamute is constantly trying to keep toddlers in one place!

Belgian Malamute needs plenty of exercises

As long as you get enough exercise, you can live in an apartment. Moderately active indoor activities, he will do the best, at least have an average size yard. He likes cool weather, but it’s easy to adapt to others. Belgian Malamute should live to be 12 to 15 years old.

The history of Belgian Malamute

There are four closely related varieties of Belgian Malamute, collectively known as “Chien de Berger belge”, which was listed as an independent variety in 1891. All dogs are shepherds and watchdogs, and the main difference is in their appearance: the Marino has short hair, the lakennis has fine hair, the grondale (also known simply as the “Belgian Malamute”) has long black hair, and the tewuron has long hair of any other color. Marino’s name comes from the city of mehlen in Belgium, where it developed. It is the most popular breed in Belgium and has become the most popular police dog in the world, including the one used by the Israel Defense Forces. It is becoming more and more popular as a pet in the United States, but is most commonly used for sports and services.

Is Belgian Malamute aggressive?

Starting from the Belgian Malamute, they were bred as shepherds who could defend their owners and their homes. The temperament of Belgian Malamute still has these characteristics. When Belgian Malamute is introduced or confronted with a stranger, they should not and usually will not react aggressively or nervously. On the contrary, this trait is often a sign that they are not properly socialized. However, they can still burst out or roar out of fear or attack. For these reasons, we strongly recommend adopting a Belgian Malamute from a reputable breeder, who has a very good dog. In addition, you can correct bad temper through social training. Although it is recommended to associate with them when they are young, it can be done at any age. However, the longer you wait, the harder it is to train the Belgian Malamute. You can take Belgian Malamute on a one-on-one date. This can be done several times a week until they feel comfortable with another dog. When you take them to communicate with another dog for the first time, tie them to a leash. This will ensure that everyone is safe and you have full control of your Belgian Malamute. You can also take them to puppy kindergarten. These classes are where people socialize with their dogs and other dogs under their supervision. You can go to the local veterinarian, ask what courses they offer, and start looking for courses.

Energy levels of Belgian Malamute

Belgian Malamute is full of energy. These dogs like to work, are very active and need a lot of exercise. As a master, you should make sure you have enough time to exercise with your dog. They need regular mental and physical stimulation. Walking every day is not enough. These dogs are good companions for hiking, cycling and running. They are good at agility, tracking, search and rescue, grazing, obedience and so on.
Interesting fact: because of their herding tradition, the Belgian Malamute often runs in large circles. Buy a Malinois.

Training for Belgian Malamute


The Belgian Malamute is a warm, confident, smart and loyal breed. These dogs are very clever. They also have a strong protective and territorial instinct. Due to its characteristics, Malinois can be demanding and recommend to experienced owners. Early socialization and intensive training are crucial! The less socialized Marinos may be aggressive. The highly socialized Belgian Malamute is very good for children, especially those who grow up with them. But when the dog is close to the child, it should pay attention to it, because sometimes the Belgian Malamute will hold the child and drive them together when playing.