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At what age does a German shepherd start guarding?

When does the German Shepherd Dog begin to protect itself? In the dog world, when you say the word “protective,” you immediately think of some breeds. Because of the temperament of the German shepherd dog, the German shepherd dog is always close to the top. But how do you know when this naughty little dog will become a protector? Can this behavior actually be turned on or off? Can you identify and/or control it? So when did German Shepherds begin to protect themselves? German shepherd dogs are born with a protective instinct that can be shown as early as 12 weeks, but it begins to become a teenager at the age of six months. The most important thing is to understand the difference between aggressive and protective behavior. Many “overprotective” dogs are actually aggressive dogs. This is a problem especially with German shepherds, as they are known to be protective and aggressive. So, how to distinguish the difference between the two, and how to deal with it?


Protective behavior of German Shepherd Dog

Most mammals have a protective instinct, whether they are big or small, young or old. When a mother senses a threat, she protects her children, whether she is a mouse or an elephant.
The same goes for dogs. German shepherd dogs, in particular, have a strong sense of protection. This is natural, but it has also been artificially improved through selective breeding.

German shepherd dogs in protected mode are easy to identify

German Shepherds are very alert. He’s watching, he’s listening. If a new person, animal or object comes into his environment, he will check on him, but he is still calm. If he is sure that there is no danger or threat, he will continue what he does. If not, he may growl or bark until people, animals or objects leave or are removed. When that goal is achieved, he will calm down. Showing teeth (even sounds) to someone or something often indicates that the dog feels the need for protection. Roaring is another thing. This protective behavior may only be shown in the owner of a German shepherd dog, but it is usually also shown in other members of the family.


When is overprotection?

Protection is great. The German shepherd dog is integrated with his family and keeps his eyes and ears open to possible threats, which is exactly what he tends to do. German shepherd dogs from a reputable breeder are protective, but not overprotective and certainly not aggressive. Overprotected German Shepherds are unable or unwilling to identify threats correctly. It usually behaves like that to a particular member of the family.