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Are Westons aggressive?

Is your Westons always aggressive? I don’t think Westons’s aggressive behavior is some kind of epilepsy. The attack of Westons is random, so Westons will attack the nearest dog, or Westons will attack inanimate objects, including yourself and so on, because Westons will attack things it is not familiar with. (when you interrupt Westons’ attack, we can ignore that he will bite you. It’s a redirection attack. Yes, at that point, Westons doesn’t know who or what he is attacking. If you poke him with a stick at that point, Westons is likely to attack the stick.) there is a reason for Westons’ attack. Only Westons knows at present.

The causes of Westons’ aggressive behavior

You should not put Westons with strange animals, unless you are actively monitoring (rather than monitoring while staring at other things, such as dinner or TV programs). If you find that Westons’ aggressive behavior begins when you are monitoring Westons, you should try to distract Westons’ attention or divert his attention to other places, which will only promote Westons’ aggression Don’t mix them up!

How to reduce Westons’ aggressive behavior?

For Weston dogs, a typical day starts at 5 a.m. and starts with 15-20 minutes of vigorous walking. All the Westons got together and belted well. I controlled all the dogs to follow my hips. Then the dog has breakfast. Laboratory mixing and pasta sharing kitchen. Westons eats in her room, and you put other animals on the porch to eat. Westons should be separated from other animals. Go to work in her room at 8 a.m. Westons and the laboratory mix have been crated in their rooms in accordance with the foster care agreement. I went home at 1:00 noon and all the dogs were in the backyard. Westons goes back to where he was. At about 5 p.m. when they came home from work, all the Westons took a belt for a walk for about 20 minutes. When Westons calmed down from the walk and no longer had aggressive behavior, Westons ate the same dinner as I did. When we are at home, everyone has nothing to do at home. We walked around the house, each of us taking care of our own business. Westons’ aggressive behavior occurs when we settle in the living area, usually at night, but it also occurs at other times. Let me make it clear that this is Westons’ best friend, but he stops. Westons has never been aggressive. When he charged him, Westons immediately stopped and licked him. Others, he continued to attack. This rarely happens, once a week, not every day. While sleeping, Westons sleeps in a crate in the master bedroom. The other dog is sleeping under my bed. Wheat sleeps in a living area on a laboratory mix or tile floor.

Check the health of Westons to reduce its aggressive behavior

All Westons should have a six-month high-level health check, including a blood level check, to ensure that Westons reduces aggressive behavior. Buy a Weston.
While I was contemplating the explosive aggressive behavior of Westons towards his owner, this aggressive behavior of Westons didn’t respond to any treatment I tried for a long time. This Weston is aggressive when he sees other dogs. This Weston and the noise are more explosive than any dog I’ve ever seen before, and Weston is intolerable of behavior change or medication. There’s basically no success. Westons would lick my wounds, and I logged into the veterinary behaviorist’s “list service” and found that other behaviorists were lamenting highly aggressive and intractable wheat at the same time. At the beginning, someone wrote: has anyone ever experienced violent and uncontrollable aggressive behavior in raising Westons? My explanation is that the conclusion is that some Westons seem to have a screw loose. But what kind of screw would that be? It’s not a jam screw; I’ve explored the possibility. It doesn’t seem to be serotonin deficiency. I went, too. I don’t know what else. When Westons’ diabetes insipidus was treated with synthetic antidiuretic hormone, the Westons became very aggressive. You might say that Westons’ aggressive behavior is not the greatest beginning of his life. There may be a similar problem.