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Are Tibetan spaniels stubborn?

Are Tibetan spaniels stubborn? He is a smart and determined dog because of his Tibetan temperament. In fact, he can be very stubborn sometimes, so we should train as early as possible when we train Tibetan spaniel, the sooner the better.

Tibetan Spaniel’s anxiety

If you leave Tibetan Spaniel alone for too long, he has separation anxiety. So if someone is with him most of the time, that’s the best.


Tibetan spaniel is affectionate

The cute, gentle and loyal Tibetan Terrier makes him an ideal family pet. Tibetan Spaniel likes to be with his family, whether it’s playing games with them or curling up by the fire with them.

Tibetan spaniel is not aggressive

Tibetan spaniel is a good watchdog because he is not aggressive to strangers, but he can be very formal in front of people he doesn’t know. However, you may not want the dog to be a watchdog. If left unchecked, his sensitive nature may turn into timidity or over positive doubt about everyone he meets. The best way to deal with this situation is to introduce him to as many people and animals as possible from the beginning to help him adapt to both.

Tibetan spaniel is friendly

As for other pets in the family, Zang Geng should get along with them because of his affectionate nature. In fact, he may feel so comfortable with them that he dominates them! But you can train him to get out of this situation.

Tibetan spaniel is a Barker

Tibetan Terrier is a kind of dog who likes to listen to his barking. He barks when it matters, and when it doesn’t matter, from a person approaching a house to a leaf that passes through your window. With a little bit of work, you can train him to understand that he should not use his bark rashly, and there is always a time and place for barking.


The temperament of Tibetan Spaniel

In the long run, Tibetan Spaniel‘s temperament is very adaptable, which makes him a good family dog. This is a strong, medium-sized dog with rich fur that needs frequent grooming. For those with allergies, the Tibetan spaniel is a good choice. This is because he has hair, not fur, and less dander than other breeds, so he is less likely to cause a reaction.
Tibetan mastiff can adapt to apartment life well. They are also excellent watchdogs and lovely companions. Tibetan spaniel is a smart dog, but, like most smart dogs, that intelligence can become stubborn. Keep vigilant, reward him when he performs well, and you will soon see his behavior improve.