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Are Tibetan spaniels cuddly?

Are Tibetan spaniels cuddly? In our opinion, it is difficult to summarize the temperament of a Tibetan spaniel. Like people, Tibetan Spaniel has its own unique personality. Tibetan spaniel is usually naughty and many seem to have a sense of humor. They are closely related to their families and often seem to be in abnormal harmony with their hosts’ emotions. The negative side of their intimate relationship is that some people may suffer from separation anxiety.


Do you have time to train a Tibetan Spaniel?

Tibetan spaniel is a smart breed, however, intelligence is not always directly related to obedience. They can learn how not to do what they think is unpopular, just as they can learn how to do what is attractive. Unfortunately, what we see as “unwelcome” and “attractive” is sometimes quite different from the interpretation of dogs. For example, skipping on the kitchen table and eating Thanksgiving Turkey may be very attractive to Tibetan spaniel, and such behavior may be quite unpopular for you! Besides training, do you have the necessary time to invest in a Tibetan Terrier? While it’s true that Tibetan Spaniel has been successfully nurtured in full-time jobs, consider whether your schedule really allows you to spend the necessary time interacting with your dog. If you are away from home for a long time, you may need to hire a dog walker to take your dog out for a walk (or a few walks), but remember that when you go home at night, even if you are tired or have other things, your dog has had a rest all day and needs attention. Puppies usually have a lot of energy, if the dog has been locked up all day, the dog is likely to be very energetic, you think the least energetic! On the other hand, in our opinion, we firmly believe that it is a feasible option to have a Tibetan Spaniel dog outside in the yard all day while you are working. Some Tibetan spaniels are agile climbers who can climb (or dig) out of the fence if they are not supervised. We know aliens who climb trees, climb barbed wire or squeeze through a small hole in a fence. If left unattended in the yard, they may also develop bad habits (such as annoying barking), not to mention the possibility of stealing a dog. Of course, Tibetan Spaniel may like to spend a part of their day at home outdoors, and they shouldn’t spend all their time on limited interaction.

Do you have kids?

If you’re thinking about buying a Tibetan Spaniel for your child, please note that in most cases, your child won’t be a dog carer. The job (no matter what the child promised before you took the dog home) always falls on the shoulders of the adults. If you are not willing to take the ultimate responsibility for the dog itself (as an adult), please do not take Tibetan Spaniel home. Common sense tells us that children need to learn to be alert to some basic things, such as when children come or go, don’t let the dog escape from the door, don’t put their precious toys where the dog can reach. However, children also need to be taught how to interact correctly and respect the dog and its space. Tibetan spaniels can be quite independent, and although many people like children, they may also have limitations on how (and how much) they want to interact with them. Children need to pay attention to this. Although older children may be taught to be considerate of the dog’s needs, infants and young children obviously can’t. In our opinion, children need to be supervised all the time when they are with dogs. If you can’t provide this kind of continuous supervision (which is understandable, especially in a busy family), you may want to consider waiting until your child is old to bring Tibetan spaniels home.


Do you still think the Tibetan spaniel is right for you?

We recommend talking about this breed with as many people as possible. This article is just a variety of our opinions based on our years of experience. Others may come up with different opinions. Find them out. You can go to the dog show and talk to the breeder. Ask questions. You can also read some books about this breed. Then, when you’re ready, find a responsible breeder, or consider contacting a Tibetan stem rescue organization. This variety is not suitable for everyone, but for many loyal Tibetan Spaniel owners, no one can match it. After living with this breed for many years, we certainly can’t imagine life without a fluffy and interesting Tibetan Spaniel partner.