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Are there golden english springer spaniels?

Are there golden English Springer spaniels? As a kind of natural sports dog, golden English Springer spaniels has a strong physique and strong limbs. It is a rare athlete. The height of golden English spring spaniels is generally 46 ~ 48CM, and the weight is about 16 ~ 20kg. Although the size of golden English spring spaniels is not very big, their ability is beyond doubt. Viewed from the side, the dog’s head is about the same length as the neck, and its eyes are moderate in size and oval in shape. The ears are long and wide with thin auricles and the roots of the ears are flush with the eyes.


The origin of golden English Springer spaniels

Golden English springer spaniels originated from hounds which were popular as early as the 16th century. Golden English springer spaniels is a hunting companion in England. Hounds are thought to be dogs that rush out of the game, sometimes actually leading to the game “spring.”. At first, all hounds were crossbred, and only the height of an adult made a difference. In the 19th century, the Duke of Norfolk became interested in hounds and developed his own series of hounds, initially known as Norfolk hounds, now known as English Springer hounds. Golden English springer spaniels can be divided into hunting and performance, but many dogs can do it. Today, most golden English Springer spaniels are precious family members and occasionally have the opportunity to hunt. With the win of the best in show at Westminster Kennel Club (including the first race of the new millennium), the popularity of Springer hounds in England is bound to grow.

Golden English Springer spaniels is easy to train

Golden English springer spaniel is one of the most popular breeds of hounds. This dog is raised for hunting. After training, it can move quickly and rush its prey to the outside for its owner to shoot. Golden English Springer spaniels are compact, medium-sized dogs that are sturdy and very loyal companions. Golden English Springer spaniels are active because they like to hunt and go out, and they want to be where you are. Golden English spring spaniels are very agile and athletic. Golden English spring spaniels often appear in agile competitions, sports and obedience competitions. They are also very good pets, and they are often seen in families now. However, they are a breed that needs proper training and need time to be with them when they are young in order to get a well-behaved adult dog. These smart and beautiful dogs have special tips for taking care of them, so if you are interested in raising a golden English Springer spaniel at home, you should act quickly.

The personality of golden English Springer spaniels

Golden English Springer spaniels are smart and physically strong. Divided into display type and working type, no matter which is very naughty. In fact, golden English spring spaniels lose a lot of hair in summer. The typical temperament of golden English spring spaniels is friendly, eager for happiness, easy to train and willing to obey. These properties make it docile. Golden English Springer Spaniel has always been a very popular pet dog in Europe. Golden English springer spaniels is a typical exercise dog, which should exercise a certain amount every day. Therefore, the elderly, office workers are not suitable for raising this dog. Golden English springer spaniel is fashionable, well proportioned, smooth and enthusiastic. It is a complete sport dog with obvious characteristics of a snipe hunting dog, combining beauty and utility. Buy an English Springer Spaniel.


Disadvantages of golden English Springer spaniels

When raising golden English Springer spaniels, you should be prepared. There should be a large space for activities at home. You must often take them outdoors and train dogs patiently. Springer spaniel is easy to train, and he has to train well to keep, otherwise his family will be in a mess. Golden English spring Spaniel was originally a kind of bird hunting dog living in the wild, so it needs a lot of activity. It’s best to take it out for a walk 2-3 times a day. You should never keep it at home for a long time, which will make the golden English spring Spaniel restless, even dull and even sick.