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Are Snorkies good with kids?

If you’re thinking about adding a snorkie to a family where children live, you need to understand two things, one that brings good news and the other that brings some bad news. Now let’s take a look.


Advantages and disadvantages of having children with snorkie

The good news is that snorkie is a hybrid dog, because it’s such a small animal, with such a warm, loving and delicate soul, love nothing more than hugging and cuddling your children, making the perfect playmate for the children themselves on a very small scale. Not everyone is willing to let their three-year-old play with a German shepherd dog, so such a lovely snorkie is the perfect family member for many people. However, a coin has two sides. Because the tiny size of this snorkie means that its body is very fragile, and it should be handled as carefully as possible, which is difficult for children to comply with.
Just as they feel a little too close to their child’s physical contact, they may feel a little too close to their child’s physical contact..
All of these problems ultimately mean that toys like snorkie are vulnerable because they are very vulnerable. If you can set up a system at home, under your supervision, the only contact between children and snorkie is under your supervision, then this is very good, and the risk will be greatly reduced. However, it’s easier said than done to successfully accomplish such things, so you have to know the dangers in advance. Buy a Snorkie.


Snorkie’s health

Here are some of snorkie’s most common health problems that shorkies are vulnerable to throughout their lives, most of them from both their parents.
(1) Hip dysplasia
(2) Eye problems
(3) Bone problems (largely due to the dog’s small size and fragile bones)
(4) Hypoglycemia (a common problem in toys)
(5) Irregular thyroid
Generally speaking, assuming that your snorkie lives a normal life under normal circumstances and is taken good care of by the dog owner, you can expect that snorkie’s life span ranges from 13 to 16 years, which is a longer part of the dog’s life span.