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Are Siberian Husky jealous dogs?

Today, most of our friends keep Husky, though not as much as they used to, just to keep the dog in charge of the house, to fight and protect the owner and the property in the event of a break-in. While most of Husky’s family members receive varying degrees of care from their owners, there are times when it’s not always possible to focus on a dog, and other times when it’s just a matter of interest, and chose to take other animals home to raise. However, love is relative, that is, Husky’s love for the master over time will be unable to help derived from a possessive. If their owners are more enthusiastic about them than they are about new animals, or if they ignore them for too long. Then, not surprisingly, it won’t be long before they create a series of movements in their own unique way.


What does Husky do when it’s jealous?

Husky had been trained not to nibble at furniture like other animals. But then, in order to get their master’s full attention, they must return to their old profession. And when they do, they won’t bite anything that looks good to them. Under the domination of the subtle mind hidden under a funny appearance, 80% of them will choose some valuable furniture to do damage! In short, in a word, where is the owner of the heart meat, they specifically attack where!

If Husky is particularly stubborn and unforgiving, the results are often less than ideal, no matter how patiently the owner instructs or simply taps the sole of the shoe. Sometimes it can backfire, as the more you hit them, the more they resist!


Why Would Husky be jealous?

In the face of such a crazy Husky, most of the owners are angry and helpless. At this point, most of our friends will try to calm themselves down and mentally reflect on the happy life they once had because of Husky, and then the pain of the new home will take the pet quietly foster or give other friends to raise. Some friends, because of Husky’s jealousy scared from then on a shadow, even to see the cute and charming little pet, can only be greedy to see a few eyes, are afraid to take home.

Even though Husky may seem like a nonchalant high def type of Guy, and not quite as intelligent as humans, they’re sentient beings after all. If one is good to them and one is not good to them, they can clearly feel it, though they can not express it as freely as human beings. Sometimes do not say animals, just say that we in the ordinary life, if you really treat the person, once that person is not as hard as their own, I believe there will be discontent and resentment out. Once such negative emotions dominate our hearts for a long time, even the most cheerful and kind-hearted people will eventually become full of resentment.

Does everyone understand why Husky is jealous? Now that we’ve decided to keep them, we must finish what we started. Their life is very short, but in this very short time, their narrow mind can only put their master.