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Are Siberian Husky Easy to Train?

As we all know, Husky is a very low IQ dog, and it’s not easy to train him to be a high IQ dog. If the owner can master Husky’s optimal training time, then he can also become a high IQ dog. Today, we’ll take a look at the best training time of Husky’s life.

1. The best time to train Husky:

If we want to train a high IQ Husky, it’s important for owners to do some training between the ages of 4 and 6 months. This is the perfect time to train Husky. During this time, the master needs to train Husky to fix the basic skills of going to the toilet, shaking hands, sitting down, we can be taught Husky’s obedience from a young age, in the future training process, will not be too difficult.

2. Prepare a snack reward:

Be sure to reward yourself with plenty of snacks during your workout. That’s because dogs are gluttons, and if Husky does something really good, you have to pat him on the head and feed him his favorite treats. Such an approach would allow Husky to be more proactive in his training and would be more willing to comply with his master’s orders. We must not, because Husky did not obey, on its loud berating and even the slap, so it is easy to make Husky a psychological conflict, very afraid of the training. We trained Husky primarily for the purpose of education, not to yell at him.


3. Choose a suitable training venue:

At the same time, Husky has a playful nature, so when choosing a training site, try to go to a place with fewer pedestrians and fewer dogs, which is relatively quiet. That way, you don’t have to worry about Husky being attracted to other people and interfering with his normal training. Husky’s IQ is very low, so it is more necessary for the master to have more patience, must not be too anxious. The training had to be done bit by bit, not in a gulp that taught Husky so many moves that Husky couldn’t remember them.

4. Instructions are short and clear:

In Training Husky, the master must remember not to be too serious, the command must be short, simple because this will let Husky better remember. At the same time, the password can not be changed from time to time, when the password to be clear, crisp. At any given time, it’s best to let Husky learn the simple command to shake hands so that it can be clearly remembered at all times, and when Husky does well, don’t forget the proper snack reward.



5. Feeding:

In addition to training, everyone for Husky’s feeding, be sure to choose some light, low salt dog food, can prevent the depilation of Husky, is conducive to healthy growth. Husky’s gut is very fragile, so you can choose to use probiotics to help your dog take care of it. Probiotics can also be very effective in adjusting the intestinal tract of dogs, to address some of diarrhea or vomiting phenomenon.