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Are Schnauzers good pets for Children?

Can you, as a parent, say no to your child’s desire for a Schnauzers? Parents go to great lengths to find a suitable pet for their children. There are many small dogs that children can grow up with, and Miniature Schnauzer is one of them. Miniature Schnauzer is popular with children because of its lively personality and unique appearance, but in order to prevent some accidents, the owner before giving the child a pet to do some preparatory work.


1. Train Schnauzer :

Children may not think too much about their relationship with the dog, such as when the dog licks the child’s finger and the child is likely to stick it in the dog’s mouth. Although the puppy’s teeth are soft and will not cause much harm to the child, as the dog grows, its teeth will become sharper and its bite will probably become stronger, once the owner finds this situation, it is best to stop immediately and tell the child not to put his finger in the dog’s mouth. In the process of dog care, the owner of the dog to a lot of training, such as scheduled defecation, do not go to bed, do not eat the owner’s food. For easier training, the owner can involve the child, which not only increases the dog’s obedience to the young owner but also enhances the relationship between them.

2. Note the Schnauzer hygiene:

Keeping a pet for a child can lead to some intimacy, and for the sake of the child’s health, the owner must do a good job of Schnauzer’s cleaning. When the dog at home after the urine, the owner to clean up; when the dog is sick, the owner to take them to the pet hospital for treatment. In addition, owners should regularly groom and bathe their dogs, which will not only protect them from parasitic diseases but also make them look better.


3. Tell your child what to do and what not

Some children may forget their parents’ advice because they are curious, but you must not forget to tell them what they can and can not do. This will ensure that Schnauzer and her children grow up healthy and happy together.

4. Parents need to pay attention all the time

No matter how obedient your child or dog is, you should always keep an eye on them so that when an unexpected situation arises, the problem can not be solved in time. Schnauzer’s character is gentle, lively, and sensible. It doesn’t lose his temper randomly. It is more suitable for children. It can be a playmate for children. He can improve children’s independent, hands-on, and social skills. It’s not easy for Schnauzer to be allergic to dogs and parasites. It’s not easy for Schnauzer to shed their hair. The main feeders often comb the hair of Schnauzer and disinfect the environment. The owner should take Schnauzer to the hospital for vaccination regularly, and help him to expel insects. In this way, children will not be harmed and Schnauzer can grow healthily.