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Are Samoyeds Jealous Dogs?

Samoyed is a very sophisticated dog, and they have a lot of secrets inside of them, and the biggest problem is the dog’s jealousy. Dogs get jealous of outsiders and their own kind, and if their owners are nice to others, then Samoyed’s jealousy will explode, the pet dog’s jealousy is a very bad phenomenon, so when breeding Samoyed, about Samoyed’s jealousy, how much do you know?


Three situations that Samoyeds can be jealous:

Here are three situations that dogs can be jealous. The first is competition from the same field. The second is a premonition of some sort of destruction. The third stems from being the most important, powerful, undisputed number one and from a vengeful spirit. When petting or playing with your new pet, does your old dog do something odd, like push the new one away or bark at him to show his displeasure or anger. There is no clear answer as to whether this emotion is envy or not, and it remains to be explored. A special experiment was conducted to try to distract the dog with something other than the pet of the owner. The results showed that the dog would talk back and bark at the simulated dog while ignoring storybooks and toys that tried to distract him. At the end of the experiment, many other dogs will sniff the toy dog’s butt, which is a toy dog in a real life.

Address Samoyed’s psychological problems:

To correct samoyed’s aggression, we must first address Samoyed’s psychological problems. We must not use corporal punishment, or it will only aggravate him. We should allow Samoyed to communicate with other people or animals, for example by playing together while the owner is watching. When master Samoyed sees kindness, he rewards it, such as touching and food. The owner is initially emotional, holding down the body, touching the head and chest to make it feel like you care about it. For can not be corrected and caused to bite other people or animals to eliminate in time.


A usually very honest samoyed, in the discovery of the owner like other dogs or people, more or less will show jealousy. Some show signs of depression, inactivity, or staring at their owners and other dogs. Some Samoyeds showed unusual aggressive behavior. He purred from time to time in an attempt to drive the enemy away. If that doesn’t work, samoyed will beat the shit out of each other until he bites. Sometimes samoyed out of fear of the master, the master in the calm, the master left on the original, open to attack the enemy. It can be any person or animal other than the owner, so take precautions with other pets and children. If they know first to help regulate samoyed mood, reduce jealousy.

In the face of Samoyed’s price jealousy, we must pay attention to it. Sometimes Samoyed doesn’t like the people around him because of his jealousy, and sometimes he hurts the people around him, I hope you can face this problem correctly.