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Are Samoyeds Easy to Train?

To raise an obedient Samoyed, we must make him obedient from an early age. We must start with the basic training of standing, sitting, and lying down. We can’t expect too much from the Samoyed, we want to keep each movement of the Samoyed for about 3-5 seconds. In terms of training frequency, we can train the dog twice a day for about 5-10 minutes each time.


1. Observe the Samoyed:

First, we’ll look at when the dog does a squat: this determines when you train the Samoyed. For example, when I trained my dog, I observed that he always sat and waited for food while we ate. So I choose to practice during the meal, you also have to find out when he likes to squat, and then plan the training.


2. Prepare bonus foods:

Trainers usually have special food to reward the dog, you can use the Samoyed like food, such as dog food. Food should be cut up in advance so you can feed your dog. Don’t feed too much at a time and keep your dog half hungry. Choose the right training time: the training time should be around 20 minutes. If your training time is too short, the dog will not learn. If the training time is too long, it will cause the dog’s fatigue and affect training efficiency.

3. Issue the squat command:

We can point to the ground and the dog will see you and it will crouch down. We also need to think of a command or action to tell the dog to stay down. After selecting the command, you will issue the command to squat down. At first, the dog does not understand and does not know what to do. So we have to issue the command in the case that the dog likes to squat down, the dog will squat down by itself. This is when food is given as a reward.


4. Repeat the Squat — Reward process:

We give the order to squat, and then wait for samoyed to squat. If the dog does squat, we give the dog food. If the dog doesn’t squat, we continue to give the order. Rewards should be timely, one can not wait for the dog to squat down for half a day before the reward, so there is no effect.

5. Reduce rewards:

Once samoyed has learned to squat, we often have to give the squat command, and then reduce the reward, which means that sometimes the dog is rewarded for crouching, sometimes not rewarded for crouching, or you just touch his head, which is also a reward. After this process, the dog’s squat action will be more durable, even if you do not give the dog a reward will squat.

Finally, the training should not be rushed to success, to slowly discipline. After samoyed learns the short answer moves, we let him learn the more difficult moves. In fact, if a Samoyed baby has a good habit when it is young, the future it can give the master to save a lot of things. Although the baby dog is very playful, it has a strong learning ability. Owners must have a little more patience, believe that the future of the baby dog will be the most loyal guard, the most intimate family.