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Are puggles good guard dogs?

Puggles usually protect their owners and homes. puggles have a lot of defensive functions. Having a self-defense dog can be seen as a great housing safety measure and investment. In general, the watchdog will inform you of any intruder more effectively than a typical alarm. They know that someone is approaching your property even before they enter, and often scare the intruder away. You can further train your puggle and eventually become a watchdog if you want a protection dog instead of a notice. The watchdog will also alert you to any intruders, but will also let them occupy until the authorities arrive. Protecting dogs is not only a powerful supplement to family safety, but they are also great companions. A great protective dog is not aggressive or suggestive because they are considered. They only know how to assess the situation and respond in an appropriate way to protect their owners and homes.


Why is a puggle a good watchdog?

A puggle is a good companion dog and was originally bred into a guard dog. Because they are very loyal to humans and like to follow their masters everywhere, they naturally need to protect themselves by barking at potential threats. Their nature is very curious and highly alert. They have a strong sense of hearing and smell. Interestingly, the slightest sound of a refrigerator or kitchen cabinet opening, even a bag of French fries, wakes them from their deep sleep. All of these characteristics, combined with a high level of energy, are born to express themselves by barking, which makes them good watchdog dogs.

How to train a puggle to be a good watchdog?

A puggle is a natural Barker and usually barks in sudden noise without command. Another thing is that they often bark excessively, for example, at people passing by the sidewalk or the postman ringing the doorbell. The purpose of training to be a watchdog is to make it bark in certain situations and know when to bark. To succeed in training, you have to be calm, patient, and consistent, but it’s worth it because you and your puggle are more relaxed and comfortable when you stop barking too much without threat.

Tip: Before you start training your puggle to be the best watchdog ever, make sure he follows basic obedience commands like “sit,” “stay,” “come down,” “come down.”.
When you bark at a dog, you bark at it. Do it every time! If you repeat it enough times, your dog will know that this is what you want him to do and bark in the same situation. Consistency is the key to success! If you don’t want the dog to bark, run up to him and say “no” sternly. Repeat this until he stops barking. When he stops, say “good boy / good girl.”. This technique works well with Maxi because he likes to be praised when he does well. On the other hand, when you are walking your dog in the park, a cyclist passes by, which triggers the barking of the dog, saying “no” loudly, pulling on the belt, and stopping walking. Keep saying “no,” and he’s still screaming, waiting for him to stop. When he stops to move on, praise him with “good boy / good girl”.