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Are puggles good family dogs?

The puggle is a hybrid. Opening Your Heart and home to a hybrid is like opening a beautifully wrapped package on your puggle. It is often assumed that a hybrid will combine the best of two or more varieties, but genetics is not always the case. The way genes are combined and expressed is not always controlled by the breeder, especially when two different varieties are crossed. Before you spend a lot of money on a puggle, be sure to keep this in mind because you’re sure the dog is less allergic or healthier than a purebred dog. It’s hard to imagine anything more incongruous than love, playfulness, puggle on their knees, and a four-legged, independent nose, the Florida Retriever, but this is the puggle.


Puggles are very energetic

From the moment I picked up the puggle, chaos ensued. After I picked up Rocco, I drove us to the pet food express and bought some food for my own dog and cat (and maybe a meal for my new friend). When I drove into the parking lot, I rolled down the window to let the air in. I don’t trust Locke because my girlfriend told me about his problems. So, even if we were in the car, I tied it to my hand so he wouldn’t jump out of the window and run away.

Puggles are destructive

Anyway, as I slowed down and pulled into the parking space, the puggle jumped out of his collar and out of my co pilot’s window. I had to chase him in a busy parking lot for ten minutes before I caught him. My heart was pounding because I was worried that the puggle would be hit by a car, not to mention that he had spent the family $1000. Thank God, she gave me a package when we left, so I finally coaxed him over. Needless to say, I strode into the pet store and bought him a harness.
He’s been scaring me all week. In my home, puggles jump on my bed, roll up my sheets, bite my pillow, tear my quilts, and never seem to be exhausted. I’m very patient with animals, but the dog tested me. I don’t want to say that, but in the last few days I watched him, he spent a lot of time in his kennel.


A puggle may not be a family dog

Although my knowledge of the breed is limited, during many walks with the puggle, I met another fighting owner who said the energy level had reached the roof. Just a few days ago, I was passing a football field and saw a woman being pulled behind a puggle and running around like a madman. I don’t think there’s enough research on this breed, but it doesn’t seem like a good family dog. They are half hounds/trackers and need to be on the ranch or where they can run around all day.