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Are puggles aggressive?

Puggles get their cute, smart, and cute behavior from their puggle and beagle ancestors. But like other breeds, puggles are aggressive toward family members, other dogs, and strangers. Here are some key points to help you get rid of unwanted behaviors!

1. Be the leader of the puggle

As a puggle, growling and scratching are lovely behaviors, but the more you allow them to happen, the faster they become habits and behaviors that are harder to get rid of. Most puggle puppies are aggressive and claim to be above their owners. You have to let your puggle know that you are the leader and that you are right, not the opposite. When your dog knows you are a leader, he will feel safer and less aggressive.


2. Avoid puggle food attack

Food attack is a very common problem that usually occurs when the dog is older. However, no matter what age your dog begins to show signs of attack on food, toys, or food, you must show him that it is unacceptable. The alpha dog in the pack is always the first to eat and controls who eats and when. When you’re preparing food, put your dog in another room so it doesn’t get bossy by jumping or barking. When you’re ready, call him to his eating area and have him sit quietly for at least five seconds. Then you give him food. This will show him that you control the food supply, so you are alpha and worthy of respect.


3. Reprimand puggle for his aggressive behavior

Whatever you do, you can’t make your puggle think his aggressive behavior is acceptable. Once he shows signs of aggression, you must immediately tell him “no” in a loud, harsh tone so that he knows that these behaviors are not allowed.