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Are Pomeranians Clingy?

Pomeranians are a very high level of appearance of the puppy, people want to put it as a pet in addition to because it is beautiful, but also because it is very clever, not barking, will not disturb the neighborhood. But this cute Pomeranian has been really clingy lately, and if you ignore him, he’ll start barking. Sometimes this situation is really annoying. Is it normal or abnormal? Let’s look at the analysis below.


First. Pomeranian may look for someone to accompany

Now people keep a dog is basically a dog, and dogs are actually social animals, are supposed to be with their companions. But now, although living conditions are better, there are no companions. So it can only go to stick to the master if this is the case that the United States feel lonely, want to find someone to accompany. And you’re the only one he can talk to because you’re the one who brought him home. Whenever this time you do not be indifferent to it, must spend time with it, otherwise it will be depressing.

Second. Pomeranian is very fond of its owner

If your dog is always following you, he will follow you wherever you go, and if you sit down, he will lie at your feet. Not playing with you or licking you proves that the dog is a little timid and afraid to leave you. They’re not really clingy. If it gets over its fear, it won’t follow you anymore. But the real clingy Pomerai is not this kind of performance, it is very exciting to follow you, prove that he likes you.

Third. the United States timid

As people have the same courage also have timid, so Pomeranian is the same. A Pomeranian who is especially timid will be clingy. Such as eating, bathing, going out to exercise, etc., it all shows the appearance of being scared and can’t leave you. At this time you should understand it, as much as possible to accompany it, at the same time to exercise its courage, take it to see more people, such as its courage after it will not stick to you.


Fourth, the Pomeranian is ill

When the children are sick, they are very clingy and inseparable from their mother. The same is true of Pomeranians. If it is sick, it will be very clingy, if it is not in a good mood, not as lively as usual, you should spend more time with it, so that it will gradually feel better, otherwise, it will feel that the owner does not like it, there is psychological pressure, slowly will become really depressed.

In addition, it may be that Pomerania is interested in the way you smell. If you finish your meal, Pomerania will jump on you, which proves that it also wants to eat what you have eaten. And it will follow you wherever you go, just take your clothes off, and it will probably bite your clothes. So, if your home’s Pomeranians have this behavior habit, you had better put the body to eat the smell of elimination to see it again.

Pomeranians licking people is a normal physiological and psychological response, which requires its owner to it more care, more company, and then slowly train it, not always lick people. In fact, it is pretty smart, as long as you put your heart into it, it will be true to you.