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Are Old English Sheepdogs rare?

Are Old English Sheepdogs rare? If people want the Old English shepherd dog to keep a complete coat, they don’t need to comb hour after hour, or every day, as many people say. If people stick to a routine, for me, one to one and a half hours of grooming once a week (for each dog), that would be great. The problem is that so many people don’t know they have to line up, groom, skin, head to toe, every time. The owner doesn’t need to do anything here or there or take a brush, comb, or smooth clothes. Even if the owner checks the dog every day, he can’t get everything, and it will lead to cushions and depression, as well as broken and scattered coats. Obviously, it takes a lot of time and energy to prepare an old English shepherd for the show, but that’s not what most people need to do.


Why do people keep old English shepherds?

If you ask a general question about reproduction in this forum, people will jump out of your throat. All breeders are still regarded as “right breeders” and “healthy breeders” in more than one year. Breeder groups are not very supportive of each other, which discourages anyone who might want to engage in inbreeding. So, when the patriarchs died, we were left with the dog mill. But those matrilineal (and a few patriarchs) will go to the grave complacently, because they feel that they are the only excellent breeders in the world, rather than guiding new people, or believing that anyone but them can be a good breeder. I hope they realize that they will contribute to the extinction of species.
After just finishing the whole dog search, I can tell you that it’s harder to find an old English shepherd breeder than most dog breeds. Find a breeder who has plans to breed next year and then stay on the waiting list praying that I will have an old English shepherd.


Haircare of ancient English shepherd dog

As for the care of the Old English shepherd‘s coat, I spent time grooming, but when I lived with a golden retriever, I spent almost as much time cleaning a pinch of hair from everything I had and changing the air filters on the stove. My old English shepherd dog likes grooming time very much. I did it when he was a child. Now I take out the grooming and he lies down and falls asleep. I want to say it’s a plus sign, more time spent together. This is the first question people ask when they see him: how much did he spend on the Old English shepherd dog? Do you always brush the Old English shepherd dog? I want to say it’s a bit untrue in the UK. Many good breeders no longer use the British dog club because it is a flawed system. Because they don’t check the garbage, so it’s a waste of money.