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Are Old English Sheepdogs aggressive?

Are Old English Sheepdogs aggressive? Mainly because of the gentleness of the Old English shepherd, you may be surprised to know that the Old English shepherd has a good sense of humor. In fact, the Old English shepherd dog is funny, funny, and full of vitality.

The Old English Shepherd is protective

Thanks to the ancestors of herding, the Old English shepherd was a housekeeper and house protector. They take on the responsibility of defending their homeland.


The Old English shepherd liked children

But the Old English shepherd dog to protect their homes also means to protect human beings. For example, if the children go to school, don’t be surprised if your English shepherd runs after them to make sure they arrive safely. And, be prepared to have them in the afternoon or even escort them home.

The Old English shepherd dog was able to graze

Like other grazing breeds, the ancient English shepherd dog can practice grazing instinct even if it is not in the wild. So, if you have children, let them have the idea that the koala may bite their heels or circle around them, trying to keep them.

The Old English shepherd hated being alone

The Old English Shepherd is not a good backyard dog. In fact, this breed may suffer from separation anxiety if long alone. They can even become unhappy or aggressive when they leave for too long.

The Old English shepherd was not a good watchdog

Although the Old English shepherd dogs guarded the house by themselves, they were not very good watchdogs. When strangers approach home, they may or may not bark – it all depends on their mood! However, this trait largely depends on the dog’s personality. So when one person hesitates to bark at a stranger, another person may not think twice.


The Old English shepherd liked to play

The Old English shepherd dog always looks like a dog when he is about three years old, and always keeps a naughty attitude when he is old. They like to play, especially with their families and neighbors’ children. They are good family partners. Some people call the Old English shepherd dogs “nanny dogs” because they are kind-hearted. The Old English shepherd likes to have and make good times. They like to play clowns with the children in the neighborhood. They can not only entertain them, but also enjoy him.

The Old English Shepherd is very amiable

Apart from getting along well with the children, the ancient English shepherd got along well with other dogs. Although the Old English Shepherd is polite to strangers, some dogs of this breed feel timid around them. Some even feel uneasy. The best way to prevent this is to socialize the business entity as soon as possible and as often as possible.

A brief history of shepherd dogs in ancient England

Traditionally nicknamed “short tailed Collie” because their tails are butted, this ancient English Collie is not entirely British. They are, in fact, Russian, Scottish. Most of the ancient English shepherd dogs, or “shepherd dogs”, experts agree that the long bearded shepherd dog is one of the first breeds to be used to cultivate the Old English shepherd dogs as we know them now. Some believe that Russia’s otchard is also involved. The shape and overall appearance of today’s ancient English shepherd dog are basically the same as those of his ancestors. Detailed records can be traced back to the early 20th century.

How do you train an old English shepherd dog?

As one longtime English shepherd put it, “never let your old English shepherd puppy do what you want a big, thick, wet, and possibly muddy dog to do in your home.” Although the Old English shepherds were very clever, they still needed training. You need to start training your old English shepherd as soon as possible. The Old English shepherd dog is big, passionate and noisy. Patience and continuous training are necessary for English shepherds. However, once an old English shepherd learns something, they won’t forget it. This breed is really tired of repetitive training courses, so make the training courses fast, interesting and full of positive reinforcement.