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Are Maltese smelly?

Most dogs sometimes smell bad, especially when they are outdoors for a long time. In many cases, we need to bathe the dog. But if you notice that your Maltese is particularly smelly, or if your dog’s natural odor gets worse and worse over time, it can be a sign of a dog’s health problems. The dirt on a pet’s fur can make any dog stink. Many dogs like to roll on smelly objects, such as the remains of dead animals.


When is a smelly Maltese dog unhealthy?

In some cases, a smelly dog can be a sign of one of the following pet health problems: skin infections or allergies. Stickney said the oil secreted by dogs to keep their hair soft may be a breeding ground for bacteria. Dogs with skin allergies often scratch, which can damage and irritate their skin. This stimulation can lead to bacterial or yeast infection, which produces a foul smell. Some dogs have a lot of drainage in their eyes, and there are brown tears around their eyes. The growth of bacteria in the wet fur below can cause unpleasant odors. Tears around the eyes can be a sign of a dog’s health problems, such as conjunctivitis, so if your dog has secretions or tears, be sure to take your dog to a veterinarian.

Dental problems in Maltese dogs:

Like people, dogs have bad breath. If the dog doesn’t brush its teeth, bacteria, plaque, and tartar can build up on the teeth. If the owner does not give timely treatment to the dog, tooth problems can lead to eating, tooth loss, or serious infection.

Kidney problems in Maltese dogs:

Halitosis can also be a sign of an accumulation of toxins associated with kidney problems. In animals with kidney disease, many people will say that their breathing suddenly becomes bad.

Ear infection in Maltese dogs

When your dog’s odor comes from its ears, it can be a sign of ear infections. Most dog ear infections are caused by bacteria or yeasts, which cause ear secretions, redness, and odor.


Beauty tips for 5 Maltese dogs

In addition to regular health checks to treat potential diseases, the following tips on cleaning your dog can help your pet smell better:
(1) We should get into the habit of bathing dogs regularly with mild dog shampoo. Once a week is usually good for most dogs. The dog’s skin can be irritated, irritated, irritated, and irritated by bacteria, itching, and itching.
(2) Consider medicated shampoos. If your veterinarian says your dog has a skin yeast infection, he or she may recommend a medicated shampoo that can help treat the odor problem.
(3) We’d better brush the dog’s teeth with a veterinarian toothbrush and animal toothpaste every day. It’s very helpful to keep your breath fresh.
(4) Clean your dog’s tearful eyes every day. If your Maltese’s eyes are often watery, you can wipe the area under your eyes with a pet wiper every day.
(5) We want to keep the Maltese dog‘s ears clean. When we bathe or clean the dog, we should avoid water entering the dog’s ears. We can clean the dog’s ears with a cotton ball and a solution recommended by the veterinarian. We can also ask your veterinarian for specific advice to help your dog smell better.