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Are Maltese good dogs?

As the oldest boxing breed in Europe, Maltese originated from the Chinese Navy, and the British territorial name also came from it. So far, it has a history of more than 3000 years. In ancient times, it was loved by royal families and dignitaries. Because of its lovely appearance and elegant and dignified temperament, the Maltese dog is usually raised as a companion dog.


The physical features of Maltese

Malkis is a small pet dog, with a shoulder height of 20-25 cm and a weight of 2-4 kg. The nose is black if the top is slightly round, the forehead ratio is the degree, the head, and the body is relatively symmetrical, the ears are drooping, there is a lot of hair on the ears, it is very good-looking, the eye distance is very wide, the color is very deep and round, the eyes are very sensitive, who has a strong observation ability, the limbs of the Maltese dog in meal, the forelimb is shorter, only the hind limb is tied, the muscle is very developed, powerful They run very fast.

The hair of a Maltese dog tends to get dirty

With the continuous development of social economy, people’s life is getting better and better. The improvement of material life also makes people feel a lack of spirit. So many families choose to keep pets as their spiritual partners in their spare time. The Maltese are a particularly popular dog. The Maltese dog inherits the Beagle’s bloodline, so it is basically white. All pet owners who have ever owned white dogs know that white dogs are the most likely to get dirty. Dust in the air on the ground can attach to the dogs, making them dirty. However, the legs of the Maltese are very short, and they can get dirty faster than other dogs in outdoor sports, so they need their owners’ energy to take care of and maintain their hair.
The fur on both sides of Marcus’s body is similar to that of Marcus’s dog. The fur on both sides of Marcus’s body is very long, which is similar to that of Marcus.

The hair color of Maltese

Most of the coat color of the Maltese dog is white, which is its main pattern. A few of them are light yellow-brown. The general white Maltese ears will have a light yellow-brown lemon hat. It looks very cute. The hair of the Maltese is relatively long and straight. Therefore, the owners should not use any residual patterns to select newspapers to deal with it, which will destroy its coat color.


Price of Maltese:

Generally, the whiter the coat color is, the higher the price is because the better the variety with a white coat is. Secondly, the female Maltese is more expensive than the male’s, and the smaller one is a little cheaper. In short, the size, age, color, and gender of the coat will determine its price. The general price ranges from 8 to 3000 yuan.

The character of the Maltese:

Although the size of the Maltese is very small, it seems that they don’t know that it is tempting to be afraid of his self-confidence and emotional reaction. He is the most gentle of all the dogs, but she is also a lively, playful, and vigorous dog. It has a very low demand for sports and is particularly friendly to children. She has a good constitution and can live for 14 to 16 years, and some can live to 18 years On, its attitude is noble, intelligent and even cunning, and very attached to its master. If you’re interested in having a beautiful little dog instead of a practical dog, marquis is the best choice.