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Are male or female Weimaraners better?

I find that many Weimaraner owners say that male Weimaraner is more lovely, while female Weimaraner is less lovely and more indifferent. But there are also some owners with female Weimaraner who are almost on their own side. So I would say it really depends on the individual dog Weimaraner is a large dog known for its gray fur and light amber or blue gray eyes. As with other dog breeds, the behavior difference between male and female Weimaraner is the largest without castration or sterilization.

Size of male and female Weimaraner

Male Weimaraner is higher and heavier than female Weimaraner. The male Weimaraner has shoulders 25 to 27 inches tall and weighs between 70 and 85 pounds. Weimaraner, a woman, stands on 23 to 25 inch shoulders and weighs 55 to 65 pounds.

Other physical differences between male and female Weimaraner

Male Weimaraner may need more intense activity. In addition, the male Weimaraner tends to be strong and strong, while the female Weimaraner is slimmer.

Personality of male and female Weimaraner

According to the Weimaraner club in the Delaware Valley, this is a misconception that females are more affectionate than males. Both male and female Weimaraner have the same lovely personality.

Complete male Weimaraner

Once the male Weimaraner is about 2 years old, the complete Weimaraner may become more difficult to control and easier to roam and attack other dogs.

Complete female Weimaraner

An unmated female Weimaraner will have two estrus in a year. During this period, the female Weimaraner will attract the male Weimaraner and may become pregnant. Female Weimaraner’s behavior may be somewhat unstable during this time.

Comparison of female Weimaraner and male Weimaraner

Female Weimaraner tends to be more independent and self-sufficient than male Weimaraner. Women are strong, they are more willing to ignore the bad weather, injuries and so on to pursue the game. Weimaraner, a female, is more regional and protective, and has a stronger voice towards strangers. The female Weimaraner can be amorous. Female Weimaraner tends to or is more likely to be possessive. Female Weimaraner is younger and more likely to focus on obedience or other types of training than men. Weimaraner, a woman, is more secretive and cunning about her anger. She chews shoes, pillows, toothbrushes and hides them. Buy a Weimaraner.
Weimaraner, a woman, is generally considered more destructive. Compared with the male Weimaraner, the male Weimaraner is very affectionate and loyal.
The male Weimaraner is a bigger “baby” than the female Weimaraner. They are more sensitive emotionally and more likely to complain about physical discomfort. Weimaraner, a male, had a stronger view on meal time, exercise time and home time. Male Weimaraner may be stubborn, and they are more eager to be liked.
Weimaraner, a male, trains fairly fast at home and is less likely to use toilet training as a tool for manipulation. Weimaraner, a male, will be straightforward when he is unentertained, tearing up the sofa, destroying the phone book and so on, walking by with your favorite plant in his mouth.