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Are Kuvasz aggressive?

Is Kuvasz aggressive? Kuvasz is a big dog, good at being a guard dog. It has a natural aggressiveness towards strangers, but it can be loyal to its master. Aggression can be expressed as a total suspicion, and can also cause barking and biting. In order to deal with the dog’s inborn aggressiveness, you must understand the thought of a dog, who was raised to guard the nobles and then herded sheep.


Kuvasz’s herd mentality

Kuvasz has a herd mentality and thinks that its natural role is to protect the group. Cattle will be any member of the family, it has been familiar with since childhood, and in-depth contact with it. Cattle can include other pets and children in the family. A dog will tend to be very protective of any member of its group or family unit, but this friendliness and loyalty will not automatically extend to other small animals or visiting children. Dogs are also highly territorial and easy to kill any stray animal over your property. It also threatens anyone close to the boundaries of your property.

Kuvasz is a good guard dog

Remember that the aggressiveness it shows is usually an act of loyalty, not innate hostility. Kuvasz is just fulfilling his duty to protect the family and the family. That’s why you need to get Kuvasz to socialize early. You want it to be familiar with your own family members so that it can include them in its herd membership list. This includes other pets and children. Just be careful to take care of Kuvasz as a puppy, because some Kuvasz doesn’t like other dogs at home, and some Kuvasz dogs are too noisy for children. However, if they socialize properly at home, they have a better chance to get along with others.


Social training of Kuvasz

When you’re training your Kuvasz, you want its obedience training, too. This combination of socialization and obedience training greatly helps to deal with aggressive behavior. Although the dog is stubborn and independent, using obedience training will increase the chance that it will listen to you and follow your leader when accepting strangers at your door. Finally, if a Kuvasz can’t be trusted, keep it away from strangers when they call it. The owner can put Kuvasz outdoors in the backyard, with a big fence, a lock on the door, and an outdoor kennel when someone comes to visit. This will ensure that even if Kuvasz misbehaves, it won’t hurt someone who just wants to call your home.