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Are Komondors sheepdogs?

Komondor (Hungarian plural Komondorok) has a unique dignity, if not for their tall stature and heavy muscle tissue, Komondorok is a sheepdogs dog. So the most striking feature of the sheepdogs dog, Komondor, is a tight rope made of a fringed white coat, similar to Rastafari’s terrible lock.

The appearance of Komondor sheepdogs

The average shoulder length of the sheepdogs is 25 1 / 2 (female) to 27 1 / 2 (male) inches, and it weighs 80 to 120 pounds (36 to 54 kg). The dog has a middle head and its facial features are covered with hair. He has a stout body and a straight tail. The mop like fur of the sheepdog Komondor was developed to protect it from predators and extreme weather. The appearance of the sheepdogs dog Komondor is similar to that of the Hungarian Laka sheep. The white fur enables the dog to mix with the sheep. The sheepdog Komondor, has a fluffy coat that begins to be covered by fluff at the age of 8 to 10 months.

The personality of Komondor sheepdogs

As the main protector of the herd, Komondor is very cautious to strangers and very protective of animals. In today’s family, the sheepdogs dog Komondor is the faithful watchdog and companion of human “sheep”. The early foundation of Komondor, a sheepdogs dog, was established in the open field, allowing the dog to make work decisions for the benefit of the sheep. In many families today, it is a double-edged sword. Although Komondor is intelligent and has a strong protective instinct, his independent thinking process makes this breed unsuitable for many families. Despite such warnings, the sheepdog Komondor is a caring family dog who likes to keep its human “charge” at all times and tends to follow them from room to room. The sheepdogs, Komondor, usually gets along well with his family’s children and adapts to other pets. For Komondor, the ideal person is to make sure that the personality traits that were suitable for dogs to care for livestock hundreds of years ago do not become a burden today.

Is Komondor sheepdogs dog rare?

Komondor, the powerful sheepdogs dog, was the protector of the ancient herdsmen’s sheep. It originated in the Danube River Valley (today’s Hungary) around the 9th century. It is believed that this is almost the direct descendant of avsharka. When the Huns passed through Russia, they found avsharka on the southern prairie. The sheepdogs dog Komondor guarded the sheep, goats and cattle of the nomadic people in the region, and was not encroached by predators such as wolves, bears and humans. In the 1930s, some sheepdog Komondor, were imported to the United States, and were soon recognized by the American dog club. Huge and terrifying, these dogs were deployed to military security facilities during World War II. After the war, Komondor sheepdogs became rare in the country, and the iron curtain became a huge obstacle to import these dogs from Hungary. However, through the efforts of Hungarians living in the west, the breed was established in the United States in the late 1960s. Today, the countries with the largest number of sheepdogs dogs are Hungary and the United States. It’s still rare today, and the number of Komondor is estimated to be well below 10000. The sheepdogs, Komondor, is a dog that most people have never seen.

How to take care of Komondor sheepdogs?

  1. Coat care of Komondor sheepdogs
    Coat care is one of the biggest challenges for Komondor. Bedding and edging of the sheepdogs’s coat occurs naturally in early adulthood. During this period, the owner is advised to tear the larger mat into smaller ones to form a tight rope. Once formed, the Komondor rope will extend with age and reach the ground if not cut.
  2. Depilation degree of sheepdogs Komondor
    The Komondor sheepdog, is depilated twice a year. At this point, the umbilical cords must be separated manually to prevent them from overlapping near the skin. It’s a fairly simple process, only a few hours a year. The wiring of the sheepdogs should also be maintained once a week to keep it clean. Pluck from ear canal and trim sole as needed. Buy a Komondor.
  3. Bathing of sheepdogs dog Komondor
    Many bodyguards prefer to trim the sheepdogs’s rope to 8 to 10 inches in length, because it’s hard to keep a drag lichen clean. The dogs should also be groomed two or three times a year and regularly bathed in the sheepdogs to prevent dust from gathering in the tassels. Bathing, especially drying, takes a long time.
  4. Training Komondor sheepdogs
    Training the sheepdogs’s behavior is another challenge. During the pup period, the guardian of the sheepdogs dog, Komondor, must always guide the dog, teach him to obey orders and obey his master’s decisions. Once a dog is four to eight months old, it should begin to be obedient. If Komondor wants to interact well with people and other pets in the future, the sheepdogs must also be socialized like a dog. Because the Komondor sheepdogs tend to decide who to welcome on its own, it has to learn how to behave when strangers visit. Always on the alert, the sheepdog Komondor is a loud barking dog. This is an issue to consider if the sheepdogs Komondor is a neighbor who lives nearby. Although they can run fast, the adult sheepdogs, Komondor, is usually inactive and requires little exercise. These Komondor sheepdogs, usually remain stationary in a guard position, and large size is not their requirement. But they should walk two or three times a day.