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Are Komondor guard dogs?

Are Komondor guard dogs? Komondor is an old breed of livestock protection, which has been used in the high plains of Hungary for centuries. Komondor is a guard dog because it is similar to other European domestic animals. Komondor is famous for its long, rope like fur. Because of Komondor’s coat, it’s not easy to be mistaken for another variety. Komondor is an excellent guard dog.


Komondor is the history of guard dogs

The guard dog Komondor was first brought to the United States in the late 1930s, but it was not until the late 1960s that the guard dog here began to breed. Still considered a rare species, there are 1000 to 1500 registered in the country. Due to its rarity, the guard dog Komondor has not been used by amateur breeders. The guard dog, Komondor, is still capable of working, and working dogs are regularly brought into the show circle.

The body of the guard dog Komondor

The guard dog Komondor is a tall, strong and dignified animal. A mature male weighs more than 100 pounds and has a shoulder height of at least 27 1 / 2 inches. These bitches weigh more than 80 pounds and have a shoulder height of at least 25 1 / 2 inches. Both sexes are very big, which may scare people who are not used to dogs. The guard dog Komondor is medium boned and well muscled with an amazing amount of strength. The guard dog, Komondor, should be big enough and strong enough to handle difficult work in bad weather.

The temperament of the guard dog Komondor

As the guard dog Komondor, the breed is playful, precocious and challenging for novice owners. Even if a dog raised with livestock is raised with sheep and goats, the guard dog Komondor cannot be trusted implicitly. The owner has to supervise the introduction of the guard dog, Komondor, because the guard dog sometimes plays and chases livestock. As the guard dog Komondor matures, it becomes more cautious and effective. This maturation may begin at 6 months old, but usually takes place around 18-24 months. Generally speaking, the guard dog Komondor raised with livestock started to guard earlier than the guard dog Komondor raised at home. The guard dog Komondor is more aggressive to strangers than the domestic dog. It’s very important for socialized puppies to introduce them to many people and experience. Obedience training is a good idea for all puppies. If you grow up on a farm or ranch, the guard dog Komondor should go to town regularly to meet strangers and friends. Puppies that have little contact with people may be too aggressive. As adults, these dogs can bite. Most of the time, an old guard dog, Komondor, can happily retire from the outside to the house without any special problems. Problem this breed is very loyal and kind to its owner. The guard dog, Komondor, is naughty but loyal to his family and takes special care of his children.

Livestock of guard dog Komondor


An untrained adult guard dog, Komondor, will guard what he thinks belongs to him. As it matures, people are eager to protect their farms from strangers and predators. Animals, children, adults, buildings and land are considered to be komond territory. It can be difficult for the guard dog Komondor to follow the sheep to the ranch because it leaves people and livestock on the farm. The guard dog Komondor needs to show his borders. It might be easier for the owner and the guard dog, Komondor, to fence out the border. If a guard dog, Komondor, leaves your house, you can take him for a walk along the border and verbally reprimand him. The owner and the guard dog, Komondor, must agree on what to protect. The guard dog, Komondor, will decide how to guard it. He may seem lazy and sleepy, but he’s easy to react if he’s in trouble. This breed is amazingly fast and agile and doesn’t need a constant patrol to be effective.
The most successful owners have the following characteristics: they like dogs, they are patient with dogs, they know what the guard dog Komondor’s job is, and they are willing to let the guard dog decide what to do. They realized that a 10 week old guard dog, Komondor, was not an effective guardian and that their predator shedes would not stop immediately. That breed responds well to praise. The owner’s voice and dissatisfaction are usually enough to make the dog understand the rules. Some body correction may be necessary and properly trained, but the guard dog Komondor has been known to bite when the owner becomes severe. Buy a Komondor.

Not all Komondor can be guard dogs

Not all owners have managed to raise the guard dog, Komondor. Some people, no matter how skilled or willing to have a dog, will not succeed. Others can take a difficult dog with a small initial commitment and show great results. The owner must be willing to spend time with the guard dog Komondor and ask experienced people questions when they have questions. The guard dog Komondor is an effective way to solve some predation problems. But the guard dog Komondor needs time, patience and an understanding of his abilities. At maturity, unless the guard dog Komondor has too much territorial coverage, predator shedes will be greatly reduced if this situation is not eliminated.