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Are Japanese Spitz good family dogs?

Are Japanese Spitz good family dogs? From the beginning of the 20th century, the Japanese Spitz is considered to be a part of this kind of dog. It is generally believed that Japanese Spitz is raised smaller and smaller in order to get an energetic variety, but it is easy to raise it in a smaller family or apartment. In the 1920s, they began to be exported to western countries. After further improvement, this breed was recognized by the dog club in 1981. Japanese Spitz is popular not only because of its friendly nature but also because they are very popular as performance dogs and often win many prizes. If you want to show them, the Japanese Spitz is a good choice.


Japanese Spitz’s personality

If you’re not sure if the Japanese Spitz temperament is right for you and your family, then you have nothing to worry about. Japanese Spitz is naturally kind-hearted, full of feelings and likes to associate with people they know.

Is Japanese Spitz nice to strangers?

Japanese Spitz is a natural watchdog. He is very cautious to strangers and likes to stay with people they know and care about. This makes them an asset when you are looking for security support, but it can be difficult when they meet someone new that you want to introduce them to.

Does Japanese Spitz get along well with other dogs?

If they are raised at home with other dogs, they will form a close relationship and perform well. If you’re going to introduce them to new dogs, it’s wise to keep them ahead and take their time so they feel safe because they’re close to you. These introductions usually go well, and the varieties are very friendly, so they thrive through new friendship opportunities.

How does Japanese Spitz behave around children?

This is one of their most attractive features. Japanese Spitz is fascinated by children of all ages and will show strong loyalty to them as family members. Japanese Spitz likes the concept of family. He likes to be at home with your children and keep them entertained and playing games. Japanese Spitz, like any dog, it’s wise to monitor any interaction to make sure your child or dog doesn’t get hurt or overexcited.

Is Japanese Spitz safe with other pets?

As a breed, Japanese Spitz is good for any pet that grows up with them and accepts them as part of the family. However, when you introduce a new pet to your family, they are not so smart. They like to chase them everywhere.

Is Japanese Spitz a strong predator?

Japanese Spitz has a strong prey driving force. When they go out for a walk with you, they often look for opportunities to chase. Letting them relax is important for them to exercise, but you have to make sure they are well trained and respond to your request to stop when they start chasing.


Is Japanese Spitz suitable for the first time?

If you are looking for a dog for the first time, Japanese Spitz is a good choice. They are very human-centered animals and will like to follow instructions to please you. They are mischievous by nature. They only like to play games with their families and take a walk together every day. Buy a Japanese Spitz.

Japanese Spitz’s health

If your Japanese Spitz is well cared for and well-balanced, you can expect Spitz to live for up to 15 years of company. Only a few of the common diseases in this breed include allergy, dislocation of the patella and susceptibility to running. If you take your Japanese Spitz to a veterinarian for regular checkups, these conditions are usually easy to detect and treat. Insurance plans are also affordable, because these dogs are usually very healthy. Like any dog, it’s important to have your Japanese Spitz fully vaccinated so that they don’t have the risk of infection or transmission. The sooner you and your family get vaccinated, the sooner you can prepare your life.