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Are Japanese Spitz dogs aggressive?

If you have a new Japanese Spitz at home, you will all be very happy. But you need to think about one thing, are Japanese Spitz dogs aggressive? Having a new puppy is like welcoming a new family member. Everyone has a new baby that can be squeezed together. Especially for children, it’s like they have a new playmate. With a new dog, the house will undoubtedly be more dynamic than before.

Pay attention to the signal of the Japanese Spitz attack

But from day one, you should pay attention to the warning signs of potential aggression. Instead of making your family happy, make your family worried. After all, it’s normal to worry about the behavior of an aggressive puppy and whether it will grow up. Not only is it destroying things, there is an imminent danger that puppies can cause more harm than good. It’s very likely that your Japanese Spitz’s personality is completely normal, but there are exceptions. As a rule, there are warning signs that you may have an aggressive puppy. Pay attention to your dog’s body language.


Can you control your Japanese Spitz behavior?

You need to realize whether you can control Japanese Spitz’s aggression, or if a puppy lacks the right temperament to be a family pet, and can be a dangerous burden. It’s also key to determine whether your puppy’s behavior is just aggressive puppy play or something more serious.

You should never forgive or ignore aggressive puppies

There is no doubt that an aggressive Japanese Spitz will become a dangerous dog! Japanese Spitz is friendly, happy, loving and alert. They are friendly dog, are playful, social and make an ideal family pet. Japanese Spitz is also alert to activity, and if they feel suspicious around them, they will alert. So they are a great watchdog. Japanese Spitz enjoys the company of the people and thrives under the attention of the people. If Japanese Spitz is alone for a long time without any company, they tend to become depressed and destructive. Japanese Spitz will start biting your neighbor. So it’s not a good idea to leave Japanese Spitz alone for a long time. Buy a Japanese Spitz.

The personality of the Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz is active, naughty and affectionate. They are a very active dog and like to play with you. So let them take part in moderate sports because they don’t need strenuous exercise. They are smart dog and not hard to train as long as you are firm with them. Japanese Spitz cannot be trained by a novice dog owner. They need an experienced dog owner who can train them for consistency. Starting from the basic obedience training, once they have mastered the basic training methods, they can sign up for agile training. Use positive training methods, give rewards and lots of praise.

Is Japanese Spitz friendly to children?

Japanese Spitz gets on well with the children. It’s a good playmate for children. Small as they are, small children may pinch and pull their skin to rough them. Therefore, in order to avoid the severe behavior of any party, close supervision is needed.


What makes Japanese Spitz aggressive?

Japanese Spitz is not a naturally aggressive breed, but a caring and friendly dog. Although if they grow up in a bad environment, they will become aggressive. Therefore, the type of environment in which they grow also determines their properties.

How does the Japanese Spitz behave in front of strangers?

Japanese Spitz is a good watchdog because they tend to bark if they see any strangers approaching them. Japanese Spitz is not aggressive and can’t bite strangers, but barks at them. After a proper introduction, they become friendly and fun for guests and visitors at home. At a very young age, it is necessary to associate with all kinds of people.