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Are Japanese Chins good pets?

Are Japanese Chins good pets? People often marvel that Japanese China can jump over high furniture in one jump. The toy-sized Japanese Chin has a cat-like nature, including the desire to be high, the ability to climb, and the tendency to wash. People also see Japanese Chin hitting the ball on objects like a cat.


The appearance of Japanese Chin

Despite its feline characteristics, the Japanese chin has all the qualities people look for in their partner dog. When he is with his people, he will thrive and he loves everyone. Japanese Chin does well in apartments and can adapt to any living environment, but their small size and love of human companionship mean they are not suitable for living outdoors or in a dog house. Japanese Chin has the classic shape of Oriental varieties, with a large and wide head, large and wide eyes, and flat face. The little V-shaped ears hang down, just below the head. They carried their feathered tails happily. Japanese Chin has plenty of clothes, but the appearance is deceptive. Chin is a wash and goes variety, only need to brush once a week to maintain his elegant appearance. Except for the occasional ear tassels, the coat has few cushions, and it doesn’t need any pruning.

Japanese Chin is very clever

The intelligent and polite Japanese Chin learns quickly, but he has his own mind. If the training becomes repetitive, he will choose to do something more interesting. It may be hard for him to train at home, but if you are persistent and consistent, he will understand that. Generally speaking, Japanese Chin is a happy dog who gets along with everyone. He is very friendly to other dogs and cats and is an interesting companion for older children. However, because Japanese Chin is small and not suitable for a home with children, children may accidentally hurt him. Japanese Chin loves family, but they have a natural shyness in the face of new people and a new environment. It’s unusual for them to be with strangers.

Japanese Chin is not demanding in sports

Japanese Chin has a low demand for exercise and is a good partner for those who can’t walk easily. He likes to walk or play every day, but if you just lie there eating lollipops and playing with him, he won’t become destructive. They seldom disturb anything when they play in Japanese.


Japanese Chin is very sensitive

Japanese Chin is a sensitive dog. They will notice the emotions of the house and the owner and will shape their personality to match. If he lives in a quiet and gloomy home, Japanese Chin will become quiet and silent, but still have all the good qualities of a companion dog. If he lives in an active family, he is usually lively and outgoing. Japanese Chinese is interesting and charming. Chin can be addictive. People who love him can’t imagine life without him. Many people can’t imagine life without two or three people.

The personality of the Japanese Chin

The personality of Japanese Chin is a real indicator of the depth these dogs have. On the whole, he is a happy and charming dog, full of affection and wisdom. Japanese Chinese is very talkative, but not barking. If Japanese Chin lives in a quiet and gloomy home, Japanese Chin will become reserved. If he lives in an active home, he will try his best to keep active. Japanese Chin is always loyal to its owner and may suffer from separation anxiety. He is a likable dog, showing love and affection for everyone in his life, but when he comes into contact with new people or new situations, he will be very shy.