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Are Italian Greyhounds good for first time owners?

Are Italian Greyhounds good for first-time owners? Before you have an Italian Greyhound, stop and think about your lifestyle. Do you know the special health needs of Italian Greyhound? Do you know that the best oral health of Italian Greyhound needs brushing teeth every day? Did you know that their nails should be polished 2-3 times a week with an electric nail grinder? Did you know that most Italian Greyhounds don’t train in the toilet by themselves, they need consistent exercise, food, water, confinement, and free time? Most of the Italian Greyhounds in the rescue were there because the owners didn’t understand or didn’t have enough time and patience to train the dogs. Are you willing to study? Do you have more time to raise a dog or an adult?


Ita Itlian Greyhound needs good exercise

Most books about Italian Greyhound say that this kind of dog needs light exercise. We don’t agree! They are high-energy dogs. Unlike their bigger Greyhound cousins, they also have endurance and need to burn some of their infinite energy reserves!
Due to their fine skeletal structure, sometimes timid or sensitive personality, they are not suitable for very young or wayward children in families or large, active dogs as good pets.
Their greatest joy is to be with you. Once you get an Italian Greyhound, you’ll never be alone again. If you like your privacy, Italian Greyhound may not be your breed. This breed is not content to lie at your feet – they need your attention!

Italian Greyhound is very smart

Italian Greyhound is one of the most loyal dogs in the world. They worship their masters. They are very smart. They are very athletic. They have been naughty since childhood. They are a long-lived species with an average age of 12-14 years. Italian Greyhound likes to give and receive love. They have a short coat and require very little modification.

The Italian Greyhound will follow you

Italian Greyhound adores their owners, which means they will follow you everywhere. They will want to be on you, around you, licking your ears, nostrils, etc You’ll never be alone again, not for a second.

Italian Greyhound has a long life

Nothing annoys me more than a dog becoming a rescue team because of his age. Apart from the fact that someone may turn an old dog into a rescue dog and never get proper care and full expectation, I have a long line just waiting to adopt an old dog without teeth and health problems. Anyone with this idea can contact me and ask about the swamps I sell in Arizona. Italian Greyhound likes to give and receive love. When they want it, not when you decide you have time. If they don’t get the attention they need, they can become destructive and have behavioral problems.



Italian Greyhound doesn’t need to dress up

Italian Greyhound needs attention in teeth. I brush my dog’s teeth every day. Failure to provide adequate dental care will cause respiratory blight, flowers, and bacteria to flow through your dog’s blood, which can lead to other health problems. Bone loss caused by improper dental care also makes dogs prone to jaw fractures.