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Are Ibizan Hounds good pets?

Is ibizan hounds a good pet? The ancestors of ibizan hounds can be good pets. The origin of ibizan hounds is the island of Ibiza (one of Spain’s Balearic Islands), where this kind of Hound is used to hunt rabbits. Ibizan hounds can use smell, sound and vision to track prey and hunt on many different types of terrain. Hunters prefer females because females are considered better hunters. In 1956, the ibizan hound was brought to the United States by Col. and Mrs. CONSUELO theon. Ibizan hounds was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1978.

Their temperament makes them good pets

Ibizan hounds can be good pets. Ibizan hounds may look proud and exotic, but ibizan hounds also has an affectionate side. If you want to live with ibizan hounds, a sense of humor can help. Ibizan hounds is alert, mischievous and friendly. He can think independently, steal food and chase prey anytime and anywhere, and even jump over a five foot fence. If you want to control ibizan hounds, plan to increase the height of the fence to six feet or more. Forget the underground electronic fence. When ibizan hounds passes through it, it will give you a shock.

Is ibizan hounds suitable for an apartment?

Do you live in an apartment and want to know if an ibizan hounds is suitable for your apartment? Ibizan hounds scored 5 in apartment friendly dogs, compared with other breeds. The athletic ability of ibizan hounds makes it inherently agile and seductive, and it does well in obedience, pulling and tracking. Ibizan hounds will enjoy 20 to 30 minutes of regular exercise a day, with a belt and free play in a well fenced yard. Once these needs are met, he will be happy to rest on your furniture, preferably in a sunny place, and will bark excitedly only when someone knocks at the door. He barks when he runs, mainly because of the thrill of chasing.

Ibizan hounds can get along with children and make them good pets

Ibizan hounds can be good pets. For families with older children, he is a good choice, but for toddlers, ibizan hounds may be too headstrong. Ibizan hounds has two fur types: smooth and wire. Both are easy to comb and only need to be brushed once a week to remove dead hair. Only when he is very dirty will he take a bath, trim his nails, brush his teeth and clean his ears regularly.

Ibizan hounds likes to train to make them good pets


Ibizan hounds likes to train as long as he has fun. Use positive reinforcement techniques, such as praise, games and food rewards, and keep training short. He hates repetition, especially when he already knows what to be asked to do. Like most dogs, the ibizan hound can get bored when it’s on its own device. If they are not accompanied by other dogs and do not get people’s attention, they can easily become noisy or destructive. Ibizan hounds’ eyes will be attracted by the movement, and ibizan hounds will happily chase cats and other small furry animals. If he grew up with them, he could live friendly with cats or dogs. Even so, it’s better to supervise them when they’re together and separate them when they’re not at home. Don’t let them go out together. They may be the best buds in the room, but the instinct to chase and kill a running cat may be too strong for a dog. Ibizan hounds can be good pets. As a moderately active dog, ibizan hounds can adapt to apartment life, but it is actually a big dog. It does better. It has a big yard at home, even some land. It’s important that the yard is well fenced because the dog can jump very high and will run after any creature moves quickly. He needs to get enough exercise to keep him happy and healthy, but remember that he is a very fast dog, so tie him up. If he takes off, you can’t catch him! Buy a Ibizan Hound.
Ibizan hounds can be good pets. The independence of ibizan hounds means it won’t come back until it feels it. You can take ibizan hounds two or three long walks a day, and then take him to a place where it’s safe to go without a leash, such as a dog park. It will like to play games with you, for example, when you are jogging, hiking or cycling, it will also like to go out with you. Just be careful when it’s cold and give it some extra protection, because its fur means it’s not good in a cold climate. If it shows restlessness, hyperactivity, loss of control or destructiveness, it may mean that it does not get enough mental and physical stimulation. With the sleek, streamlined body of ibizan hounds, it goes without saying that ibizan hounds needs to live in a house, preferably with soft furniture or bedding. Ibizan hounds was not born with cold weather, and he loved his owner. Ibizan Hounds can be good pets.