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Are Great Pyrenees high energy?

The Great Pyrenees‘ behavior has always been the number one consideration in your family’s choices. First and foremost, it is a dog, so it will behave like a normal dog. But we ask, “How does this breed behave? “Higher energy or more leisurely? Is it high on the list or passive? A hunter? Is it a hound? Is it a guardian? What kind of dog behavior can you expect? What kind of behavior do you want? What can you expect from any particular breed of dog? This dog likes to swim, hunt, track, rescue, retrieve, guard or pull. All dogs need exercise, depending on their energy level. Different breeds of dogs engage in different activities. What activities fit with your lifestyle or your limitations?


Great Pyrenees coyote behavior

Like all breeds, the great Pyrenees exhibits behavior that is specific to that breed. What’s that? Although Peel is a great sheepdog, the first thing to understand is, as a great sheepdog. Now, unless you have a flock of sheep or other four-legged animals, you and your family will be her sheep. She’ll protect you. It’s in her nature. That’s what she did. Look at this amazing true story.
This is where your big Pyrenees dog will show off his own dog’s behavior. The first line of defense is to mark territory. Well, that’s not surprising… Most dogs can. The next line of defense is yelling at anything he thinks is trespassing on his territory, and we mean anything, including a robin on the lawn! The next line of defence is the chase, and the Big Pyrenees look very fierce. This rarely happens, but when it does, if the big Pyrenees dog looks fierce and does not stop the intruder, then it will use the strength of the attacker, and if necessary, a big Pyrenees dog will fight to the death of him or his enemy.
It has been said that a big Pyrenees dog behaves less like a dog than a cat. The low-activity dog may lie around and appear to be asleep, but will be alert for anything out of the ordinary and move at lightning speed at the first sign of a threat. It has a keen sense of sight, hearing and smell, and it can be activated by any change in its environment… Even a change in tone can trigger its response. Don’t be fooled by imbeciles. If they are not working dogs, they need to get out and see the world and exercise on hikes and walks. They are not running dogs.


The Great Pyrenees is the protector

The Great Pyrenees mountain dog is a natural guardian and protector of small animals and children. However, all normal warnings apply when leaving a child alone with a dog, including this one. The Great Pyrenees takes the role of child protection very seriously. In fact, it has been reported that some big Pyrenees dogs actually affect the relationship between parents and their children when it comes to parenting.