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Are Great Danes stubborn?

The Great Dane is undoubtedly a very stubborn breed. According to Hill’s pet company, individual big Danes may be “stubborn skinny”, which is what they sometimes show. The stubborn Great Dane will not blindly obey orders.

Why Great Danes are stubborn?

No matter how big or small your living room is, a stubborn Great Dane will do a lot of damage to your home. Their energy and passion for life are important. It takes patience to calm down a big Dane. Most people calm down on their own. It takes about two years for them to lose their puppies. One of the best ways to train them is to focus too much on exercise. Sometimes castration ripens them. All of these things need to be done patiently, over time, and on a consistent and structured schedule. A day of training or a day’s schedule for stubborn Great Danes is not enough.


How to make Great Danes less stubborn?

So it makes sense that the Great Dane is not always submissive compared to other breeds, such as the border collie. But just because a stubborn great dane doesn’t always obey you doesn’t mean they don’t understand what you’re talking about. The Great Dane is very stubborn. Incredibly stubborn. I haven’t come across a more stubborn breed. The key is to be more patient than a Great Dane.

Keep patient

Although the Great Dane may be stubborn, the Great Dane may also be strong-willed and independent. Even so, the stubborn Great Dane is still a very loyal dog. They are full of love and respect for their masters. After all, they are known to be reliable nannies. In other words, in obedience training, the Great Dane may be more stubborn, depending on the trainer. For example, a great dane may respond much better to its owner than he or she does to the random obedience of the judge, which he or she hardly knows. The key to overcome the stubborn Great Dane is to be patient and use positive reinforcement. As long as you bathe the stubborn Great Dane with love and train them in a consistent way, they will come back! In fact, the Great Dane is a very capable learner.

Let your Great Dane grow up healthily

If you have a stubborn great Dane dog, you must insist that he/she grow up healthily and happily. You also need to nurture him/her with tender love and care. At first, they were a little disorganized. You know, people often compare dogs to children, but to be honest, I used to be a nanny, and children are much easier than dogs. I like dogs very much, but I’d rather have a babysitter than a dog. The children will eventually take care of themselves, but the stubborn Great Dane will not. However, the similarity between big Danes and children is that they need time to grow and mature. The stubborn Great Dane is not an energetic dog, but every dog is a bit crazy.

He even chewed my parents’ doorknobs until they were completely twisted and flat. He did all this because he was young, but since we were patient with him, he has become mature. Thank goodness, I don’t have to, but it’s possible. They’ll calm down. So remembering that they will grow is the first step to help them calm down. If you don’t take care of your stubborn Great Dane with care and love, you are wrong.

Set and follow a strict schedule

Consistency and structure are the best for your stubborn Great Dane. The stubborn Great Danes don’t know there is an overwhelming high energy level, but any untrained dog will take liberty and develop bad habits if they don’t have the right guidance. The Great Danes have instincts like children. In fact, they don’t do well in the chaos, which is not good for them. It is unhealthy for them to spend too much time in an unorganized environment.
To help your stubborn Great Danes make the most of their lives and help you stay awake. Keep in mind that all these “preventive” measures should be carried out as planned. Without a schedule, using these methods will not work. If you are not satisfied with your efforts, you can’t blame me because you are not consistent. Buy a Great Dane.


Train your Great Dane to calm

Training is your best friend can let it become less stubborn. It takes about 3-6 months to train your stubborn Great Dane. You can be frugal, you can pay someone to train your dog, or you can spend money with your Danes on dog training courses. The Danes have to do whatever great training you choose. What does training have to do with how calm my stubborn Great Dane is? You might ask that. Well, believe it or not, your dog can be trained not to whine, not to relax, and it doesn’t hurt them, it doesn’t kill their personality and uniqueness. I heard that some stubborn Great Dane owners don’t want to train because they don’t want to tie up their pets. Well, even humans need guidance to live. We even practice and hone our skills to be disciplined in many areas. We find purpose and satisfaction in life.