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Are Great Danes high maintenance?

The Great Dane is a kind of dog with a huge body, gorgeous body, and excellent temperament. But will a larger size bring a higher price? When it comes to big Dan prices, here’s everything you need to know.


The initial cost of the Great Dane

The Great Danes are friendly and reliable. They were originally raised in Germany to hunt wild boars. Today, however, it’s hard to imagine that this breed is a fierce hunter because of their lovely manners and kind nature. In fact, a lot of people affectionately call them “gentle giant” Great Danes, weighing 180 pounds and standing 34 inches, so naturally, the first thing you think about is cost. What’s the price of big Dan? It depends. First of all, have you considered adopting a pet? There are many beautiful Danes to adopt. The cost of adoption ranges from $300 to $500, including medical expenses, food, and transportation. It’s a demanding breed – in fact, it’s the 15th most popular dog in the United States under the AKC – so there may be fierce competition in shelters, but it’s so worth it to be able to provide a home for a dog’s needs. Another option is to buy a big Dane from a breeder. The good thing is that you know where the dog comes from and can train it from the start. Generally speaking, the price of a Great Dane is between $600 and $3000. As with all canines, dogs with a more ornate pedigree will cost more. However, most people are just looking for a pet, with that in mind. You can find a lot of good breeders, and their prices are around $1000.

How much does the Great Dane need to eat?

Of course, the next question is how much does the Great Dane eat and how much does it cost? It’s definitely something to think about because they’re big and have a big appetite. Depending on the time of the dog, the Great Danes need the following amounts of food at these ages:
(1) 3 to 6 months old: 3 to 6 cups for females and 4 to 8 cups for males
(2) 8 months to 1 year: 5 to 8 cups for females and 6 to 10 cups for males
(3) Young dandelion: 8 cups for women and 9-15 cups for men
(3) Adult Great Dane: 6 to 8 cups for females and 8 to 10 cups for males
That’s a lot of food! Let’s calculate and see how it turns out. A good food brand costs $30-40 for a 40-pound bag. This will last 2-4 weeks, depending on how big your dog is. Another thing to consider is that you need a lot of extra supplies, which are certainly more expensive. Larger dog beds (75-200 dollars), larger kennels (100-200 dollars), bigger toys (10-30 dollars), etc.


The health problems of the Great Dane increase the price

Unfortunately, such a large framework increases the risk of health problems of Great Dane. In the health sector, the bigger the better. The disease of this breed is often “bloated and twisted”, a case in which the stomach twists itself and traps the air. It’s a very dangerous disease that needs immediate treatment from a veterinarian. In fact, bloating is the number one killer of the Danes. According to pet insurance, the cost of diagnosis and treatment is $1500-7500. Another area of concern is cardiomyopathy. It’s a dangerous enlargement of the heart. Common in all large dogs, cardiomyopathy is usually a manageable drug, which is good news, but the price is $500-1500. Finally, the owner of the Great Dane must also pay attention to the discomfort of the pet’s buttocks. The cost of the operation is 1500-5000 US dollars. It’s not cheap, but you need to do something for your pet’s health. This does not guarantee that your Great Dane will suffer from these diseases, but it is more likely. If you really decide to buy a big Dane, it’s better to have healthy savings account to pay for any unplanned medical expenses.
Other things you need to consider about the Great Dane
One more thing to consider about the price of Dan is that if you have such a big dog, it’s only fair for you, your family, and more importantly, for your dog to have this room. It means a bigger house and a bigger yard, which of course equals more mullahs. In addition, you need a car big enough to transport the big, thin animal.