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Are Great Danes hard to train?

The Great Dane is a German breed, probably descended from similar-looking dogs from ancient Greece and Rome. This medieval breed was created. Today this breed is mainly used as a watchdog and pet. The Great Dane is a large breed, between 30 and 32 inches tall, and weighs 120 pounds. They have short, dense fur, clowns, fawns, black, stripes, and blue. If you have children, then a big Dane can be a great family dog, however, they should be supervised when playing together. Because the big Danes have deep chests, you want them to be quiet after eating so that their stomachs don’t rollover. Other common health problems include hip dysplasia, abdominal distension, and heart problems. Due to its large size, this breed usually has a short life span. It is not uncommon for this variety to die of natural causes between the ages of 8 and 10. Ask your veterinarian about how to keep them healthy and long. Great Danes are considered gentle giants, often known as “the king of dogs”, mainly because of their large size, elegance, and generosity. They have a warm and friendly personality, which makes them good domestic pets.


The origin of the Great Dane

According to history, the Great Dane has existed since ancient Egypt. There are pictures of the Great Dane on the Egyptian monument around 3000 BC. Ancient Chinese literature also depicts dogs like the Great Dane. The early Great Danes are even found on Greek coins in 36 BC. In the end, the modern Great Dane as we know it today was selectively bred in Germany, probably a hybrid of the British mastiff and the Irish Wolfhound. They were originally used by the Germans to hunt wild boars and other large animals.

The appearance and ability of the Great Dane

The Great Dane is a very large dog that can reach 32 inches in height in males and 30 inches in females. They stand with nobility and strength. They look very strong and powerful. The Great Danes have short, thick fur and a smooth appearance. The Great Dane has six fur colors. The Great Dane’s gait represents strength and strength of the long, easy pace that leads to no roll, roll, or rebound of the top line or body. The Great Dane is a versatile canine. Some of the talents of the Great Danes are tracking enemies, guarding homes, and moving objects.

Temperament and tendency of Great Dane

The Great Dane is a noble and lovely animal. They are energetic, brave, always friendly and reliable, never timid or aggressive. Their gentle and lovely personality makes them excellent family partners. Despite their huge size, they are gentle and great children. But like all dogs, they should be supervised around young children. Great Danes like to be with their people. They often seek human companionship and leadership. They are also brave and loyal dogs. Masters can rely on their guard instinct. They protect their owners and property. However, protection should not be confused with aggression. They only warn their owners when they are unfamiliar.


Training and nursing of Great Dane dog

Socializing with Great Danes makes them grow into well-adapted adult dogs. Managing Danes requires strong leadership. As the owner, always maintain the position of team leader. Great Dane knows that their order in the group is highly cooperative and very easy to manage. You should always remember that for Danes, you should start training and building leadership skills when they are young because adult Great Dane have governance and social behavior problems that are difficult to deal with.
You should exercise the big Dane every day, such as a long, high-intensity walk. This is essential for the Danes. They have a slow metabolism and need to exercise as much as possible. Even if they are gentle and inactive, they are full of energy and need to vent from time to time. The short coat of the Great Dane is easy to comb. Comb with a bristle brush and dry shampoo if necessary. You should brush and wash the Great Dane every day to limit the frequency of bathing. Because of their huge size, it can be troublesome for you to bathe a Great Dane.