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Are Great Danes good pets?

Modern Great Danes are very different from their hunting ancestors. Although they no longer need to be fearless and aggressive hunters, they still treat their masters bravely and carefully.


The temperament of the Great Dane

Because of their bravery, they are quite calm dogs and don’t have many stages for them. They also don’t bark easily. You can make good use of their silence and patience. Danes are good pets for families with children. The only problem is that their size means they need constant supervision. It’s not uncommon to bump down a child accidentally! So training and socialization are crucial for a variety of this size.

Is the Great Dane dangerous?

Although the Great Dane maybe a little too strong for some people to be led by a leash, all hope has not been lost. Obedience training helps.
One thing you don’t have to worry about, though, is that the Great Dane won’t become aggressive or irritable. Unlike their early ancestors, today’s Great Danes are very gentle dogs that are not easily awakened to an irritable temperament. They protect their homes and owners, but usually do not pose a risk to people or dogs. Especially those who have been properly introduced. In any case, it’s best for owners to associate with each of your favorite Great Danes from an early age. Socialization and training also help Dadan people cope with the occasional separation of anxiety or tension they may face. In general, after proper training and combination, the Great Dane is not dangerous.


Great Danes can be good family pets

The Great Dane dog has a noble temperament and huge body shape, which has the reputation of the dog of Apollo. Their shoulders are 70-90cm high, muscular but not bullying. On the contrary, for small dogs, big Danes will tolerate humility, very gentlemanly. Great Danes are friendly to people and loyal to their owners. The Great Dane is affectionate and friendly to children and animals. Will not take the initiative to attack strangers, but strangers have a strong sense of vigilance. It’s not as lively as a small dog. The big Dane is very quiet and doesn’t bark very much. Large dogs who like quiet, elegant, and not aggressive can choose to raise big Danes. In general, it is a kind of intelligent dog. They don’t need repeated training, many movements can be fully understood after being taught several times. It’s better to choose a 3-month-old Dane dog, which has a high survival rate and is easy to cultivate feelings. During this period, dogs have high plasticity and can integrate into family life faster. Great Danes need a lot of exercises. They like to walk with their owners. This kind of dog needs to provide a larger feeding space for them, and the owner needs time to accompany the dog to exercise. Dadan dogs are more likely to suffer from bone diseases. During the growth period of Dadan dogs, they can be properly supplemented with calcium, some calcium tablets, or a small amount of calcium powder in the food of Dadan dogs. Usually take your dog in the sun, ultraviolet light can synthesize vitamin D, prevent the abnormal bone development of puppies, also can kill bacteria, the dog’s mood will be much better.