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Are Gordon setters rare?

What’s the name of Gordon Setter? When Willis visited Gordon castle in 1827, the owner was George, the fifth Duke of Gordon. The “rare Tan and black dog” he mentioned was finally named after George’s father Alexander, Gordon’s fourth Duke, who, according to some authors at least, contributed to the creation of the breed. But is it true? Was Gordon set really created in Gordon castle? The answer is, No. The inhabitants of the castle certainly played an important role in the development of this breed, but there is ample evidence that black and Tan Gordon setters were available long before Duke Gordon began breeding them.


The origin of the Gordon Setter

So where did the eventually named Gordon Setter to come from? Black and tan and black-and-white and Tan fur dogs predate various setter breeds. They occur at the roots of dogs imported from the European continent, which gives rise to setters. Therefore, as British breeders breed various setter breeds, they naturally appear from time to time. At some point in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, some breeders began to select dogs with black and brown fur.

The appearance of the Gordon Setter

In the field and fern, the author Henry hall Dixon wrote: “all the setters in the castle kennel are black and white, with brown toes, snout, tail base and eyes. The late Duke Gordon liked it because it was lively and not as hard to get back to the mountain as the dark people did. This composite color is made of black and Tan dogs and black and white female dogs Edward ravillac, father of the modern British setter team, also visited Gordon castle and visited the breed of setters there. “Two years after Alexander the Duke of Gordon died, I went to Gordon castle to see the breed of the setter. In an interview with goalkeeper Jubu, he showed me three dark brown photos, which were the only ones left, which I didn’t expect at all. A few years later, when I was on loan to the Duke of Richmond in Banff County, cablah shooting, I often saw jube and his Seth, then and now, the saits of Gordon castle were black and white.


Why is the Gordon Setter black?

Other setters are mainly red or white. Anyone who has ever hunted mainly white pointer or setter will admit that they are easier to see in the far-field. But for some reason, the Duke chose the black dog. David Hudson, the author of working points and setters, explains why:
“… the Gordon setter wants something like that. He preferred his guide dog, which was mainly black, and through wise breeding, he was able to produce a line that now continues his name. Fashion or personal choice? It really doesn’t matter. However, it is important to understand that in the past few hundred years, besides the simple shooting efficiency, there are other reasons that have determined the development of gun dogs For years, it has been suggested that the Duke crossbreed other breeds of dogs to get the black and Tan fur we know today. Others believe that the color comes from the cross of a shepherd dog, which was borne by Duke Gordon himself.