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Are Gordon setters good in apartments?

The Gordon Setter is one of the three members of the setter family and is an excellent hound. The Gordon Setter, the heaviest setter, was developed in Scotland.

The history and origin of the Gordon Setter

The Gordon Setter is one of the oldest gun dogs. The breed dates back to 1500, where it is believed to have developed from the spaniel. This breed is known as the setter because it almost sits when it finds prey. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Sir Edward laverrac and Purcell levilin were thought to have developed the appearance of modern British setters through intensive breeding programs.


The appearance of Gordon Setter

The Gordon Setter is an elegant, medium-sized dog. The coat of a Gordon Setter can be white, brown, or black. Some may even be white with black and brown spots. The hair is long and flat, slightly curly, with feathers on the underside, tail, legs and ears. The hunter has a long head and a long nose. The ears droop and the tail is straight but tapering at the end.

The size of the Gordon Setter

The adult Gordon Setter has a shoulder-length of about 23 to 27 inches and weighs about 45 to 80 pounds.

The personality of the Gordon Setter

The Gordon Setter is a friendly and gentle dog. They are energetic and need a lot of exercises. This breed is a good watchdog and will bark when intruders are found. Some of the Gordon setters play to the extreme and bark when they see every movement in the yard.

The family relationship of Gordon Setter

Gordon Setter is a good pet for families with big children. They are active dogs and like to live in fenced yards. Life in an apartment can be difficult unless the owner takes a long walk.


Training of Gordon Setter

The Gordon Setter is a born gun dog, and if its owner has patience and perseverance, it can do well in obedience training. Some setters are stubborn and can be hard to train.

We should pay special attention to the Gordon Setter

In order to prevent coating on the Gordon Setter‘s mat, we should brush it regularly. The Gordon Setter is a very active dog and needs exercise. If they don’t get enough exercise, Gordon setters may use their nerve energy in a more destructive way. Make sure their yard is safe and the fence is high because the Gordon Setter can easily jump over the fence.