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Are Gordon setters good family dogs?

One of the questions I’m often asked is: is the Gordon Setter suitable for me? It’s not a crazy question. Adding a Gordon Setter (or two) to your home is not like adding a Labrador retriever to your home. Gordon Setter will change the whole way of life. Let’s see if the Gordon Setter is the right family dog for you!


Energetic Gordon Setter

The Gordon Setter is an energetic, outdoor dog whose happiness depends entirely on whether or not its energy is exhausted. Gordon Setter is a very active dog, they often insist and exercise regularly to keep them happy. Walking on the chain for an hour, they have very little energy left. If possible, they need to practice runaway. Walking in the yard, leashing, or playing with a dog can be very helpful to you. British setters are also great couch potatoes, but that’s after their exercise needs are met. Another form of exercise is to consume your Gordon Setter through training and play. We found that our weekly training sessions exhausted ivy. We also like to use active toys to force the dog to solve a problem or to solve a problem in order to achieve treatment. Practice training or play games like “where’s mom?”? “15 minutes a few times a day also helps to burn that energy.

Your Gordon Setterneeds to be with you

If you leave the Gordon Setter too long, the damage will happen. The Gordon Setter is a very friendly dog and is one of the neediest dogs for humans. They cannot be isolated for too long without becoming destructive. If you take back your feelings or yell and raise your voice, the setter may be very sensitive to it and become restless.

British setters should be groomed every day

Because the dogs have long hairs on their legs, ears, and tail, they often collect frills, dirt, leaves, and knots on their fur. I’ve learned to brush my teeth every day when I’m a puppy, which helps your dog get used to this habit. Shampooing and bathing once or twice a week keeps your dog clean and smells good. Their toenails are also part of our daily job of cleaning their toenails and ears.


Gordon Setter needs training

We don’t use our Gordon setters for hunting. They are our dogs, our companions, our loved ones. Training is very important and should start as soon as possible to make your English Setter adapt to breaking in, socializing, and obeying orders such as “come”, “stay” and “sit”. Positive reinforcement training is very important for setters so that they don’t regress. One of the biggest difficulties in training a Gordon Setter is to remember and adapt them to your family’s animals, such as cats.