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Are Golden Retrievers jealous dogs?

In our daily life, there are often people with golden retrievers who find that sometimes a dog will behave as if it is competing for a pet. One of the most common types of behavior is that a dog does not allow its owner to pet another dog, as long as touching them will be very angry, this is often referred to as jealousy. It can also be thought that the golden retriever is trying to win the attention of its owner, and this kind of narrow-minded dog can also appear in some dogs with relatively high IQ in many behaviors, especially with the master to stay longer on the special dependence on the master.


Golden retriever’s characteristics

The golden retriever has a mischievous and extremely childish mind. It is often said that a golden retriever has the same Iq as a child a few years ago, as well as a small temper when it comes to careful thinking. In the golden retriever’s eyes, other dogs are not good friends, they just share their favorite competitors. Only humans who love and touch him can eat and play with him.

About the biting. Golden retrievers are born as rovers. Its primary job is to bring back prey struck by its owner with its mouth, without harming the prey. Therefore, the soft meat of the golden retriever’s mouth is very interesting. The Golden Retriever loves to eat. When we were kids, we had to be careful that the golden retriever didn’t swallow anything. We’re gonna have to pull a lot of stuff out of its mouth. It just looks aggrieved and accepts criticism. In fact, in our lives not only these can reflect the dog’s possessiveness is very strong easily jealous, sometimes the dog’s possessiveness is very strong, we do not challenge its temperament.


The golden retriever’s gentleness is more important to people. Despite Golden Retrievers’ good nature and persuasiveness, some golden retrievers are sometimes hostile to other cats, dogs, or small animals. Especially not the ones who come in. Golden Retriever is very docile and likes to interact with people, such as licking you, rubbing you, and even slapping you when excited.

The golden retriever is gentle but powerful, and very big. The Golden Retriever is docile only to people, but jealousy makes him in front of other species, golden retriever big mouth generally will not bite, it will bite your hand is not down hard, gently grind your hand with teeth. He can tell the difference, but if golden retriever finds out you’re petting another dog, he’ll come over and want you to pet him, and if you ignore him at this point, he’ll probably bite another dog out of jealousy.