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Are Golden Retrievers Easy to Train?

The golden retriever is in the top four in intelligence, docile, and smart enough to be easy to train! Training some dogs may also require extensive training experience, but golden retrievers do not have this specific requirement, and even if their owners are less experienced, they can learn a lot of skills. Of course, this does not mean that the owner can “feel free” to train the dog, master a few dog training skills, the dog can quickly learn what you teach skills!

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1. Make the instructions clear to the Golden retriever

Because Golden retrievers are very sensitive, in order for golden retrievers to understand and remember, the best training password is to use short, clearly articulated sentences, and should not be repeated. In addition, when giving orders, avoid a loud or angry tone. At the same time, the same command for the different temperament of the golden dog to use a different tone. For example, the same “Crouch”, nervous to the golden dog to gently or cheerful command it, to the lively golden dog is loudly and categorically command it, the breeder according to their own golden dog personality in different ways.

2. Never be rude

As with any animal, the golden retriever is extremely wary of humans, and physical punishment to compel obedience is the last thing on his mind. From the dog’s point of view, the unknown reason for being beaten, kicked, can only create the impression of “being abused”. If the owner is very powerful, the Golden Retriever may obey out of fear. However, dogs raised in such an environment are extremely insecure, sometimes attacking small children or the elderly, and even biting can be dangerous. So when Golden Retriever disobeys and shouts commands while shooting a squirt gun into blondie’s face, most dogs will be quiet.

3. Train anytime, anywhere

There is a misunderstanding that golden retriever training is time-limited, in fact, is wrong. We walk, eat, visitors and other daily life, should patiently teach the golden dog which is “to do” and which is “not to do” things.

4. Don’t overpraise

Unlike parenting, praise for golden retrievers should only be given when the golden retriever is very obedient. If you constantly praise it, it will lead to confusion, it does not know when to get praise, thus increasing the difficulty of training later.

5. Be Patient

A golden retriever is not an animal that can be taught once or twice and immediately remembered and obeyed. It needs to be built up over time. Therefore, it requires the breeder to be patient and constantly train it.

are-golden retrieverrs-easy-to-train

6. Build resilience

Golden retrievers often avoid, bark at or crush things they don’t like. This can sometimes cause a great deal of trouble for the owner. In this case, first of all, be patient and never be impatient. Let the golden retriever approach something he doesn’t like, and keep talking to him in a gentle voice to calm him down. If the dog at this time to hit the abuse, it will make Golden Retriever even further away.

7. Correct in time

When the Golden Retriever is ready to do the “do not” moment, it should be loud and decisive to stop it. If the dog is reprimanded later, the golden retriever will not understand why and will continue to do what it can not do. What’s more, when a golden retriever is regularly reprimanded for unknown reasons, it gradually becomes distrustful of its owner and disobedient to him.

8. Don’t compare yourself to other Golden Retrievers

Golden Dog’s ability is different, therefore, one must take with it the suitable speed to train, must not compare with other golden dog disparity, thus thought “our family golden dog understanding is really bad”. Have faith in your golden retriever. Click here for more information about golden retriever habitat.

9. Consult an expert

In the process of training, if you encounter any problems, do not fool around or guess, but always consult a specialist or veterinarian. So you don’t keep your dog.

10. The most important thing is to be loving

The purpose of the golden retriever training is to teach, not to scold. The best way is often praise and petting, let golden dog understand the master happy mood, corporal punishment to force the dog to obey the method is the most important. In fact, all pet feeding is the same, the most important thing is to have a heart.