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Are Golden Retrievers clingy?

Most golden retrievers are clingy. In the meanwhile, the adaptability of golden hair is very strong, if golden hair like around the new master turn, see the new master performance is very excited, is to recognize the existence of the new master. We’d better put on a leash when we take Goldie for a walk, in case he’s afraid to get lost again. If the golden retriever loses his new master, he will recognize his new master if he can not find his original master. Although Golden Retriever is not abandoned, golden retriever will feel very sad in his heart. When he adapts himself, he will recognize his new master again, but the position of the original owner in the heart will not change.


When we take the golden retriever out for a walk, it will follow its owner closely when walking around the corner, and it will appear very nervous, afraid that its owner will leave it behind. At this time, the owner needs to pet its head to soothe it, better to put on a leash to make the golden retriever feel safe.

How to care for a clingy Golden Retrievers?

Encounter such a situation, the master must be with tolerance, caring attitude to solve, can not shout at Golden Hair, a loud reprimand may have a short-term effect, but in the future get along with small golden hair will fear the master. And certainly not by force. Can take more time to accompany the Golden Retriever, and it more exchanges, do more games, more stroking it, let the small golden retriever feel the security of the master. At home as long as a small golden retriever called the best immediately appears on its side, do not look deaf and dumb, this can give the small golden retriever master care about it down to Earth. We could turn on a dark lamp at night to keep the room from going completely dark, or we could put toys around the little golden nest for him to chew on and play with, we can also turn on a radio channel and make a sound all night so goldilocks doesn’t feel lonely, and when he is exhausted he will naturally fall asleep.


When you meet a little golden retriever who is very clingy, don’t feel distressed by his actions, and don’t scold him loudly for his insolence. After all, his needs can only be expressed by his bark. You should listen to his meaning more, some may be frightened to show fear, some may want to go out and play with the master, some is hungry to beg for food. In short, there are many reasons for the barking of Golden retrievers. As long as the owner takes the time to pay more attention to the situation of the dog and patiently sums it up, he will always find the meaning of it, and it will be much easier to solve it.