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Are German Wirehaired Pointers good with cats?

Are German Wirehaired Pointers good with cats? German wirehaired pointer is a kind of hound developed in Germany in the 19th century. It is thin, athletic, elegant, strong, with strong hind legs and can move and turn quickly. German wired pointer likes to interact with active families, they give them an outlet of energy. They have a strong hunting instinct, which is not always good for other small pets. However, after some training, the German wirehaired pointer can quickly distinguish what is prey and what is not. German Wirehaired Pointers need a lot of strenuous activities.


The German wirehaired pointer is one of the few breeds of hounds that can play almost all gun dog roles. German wirehaired pointer is a smart and highly trainable breed that has been trained to work out of sight of the trainer. As a result, they often seem to have their own ideas and therefore need training to ensure that owners are responsible. In view of the cat’s background, German wire asked if you might get along well. Cats and dogs have lived in harmony for centuries, but different breeds are sure to change their friendliness. It’s not natural for German wired pointer to get along with cats. They have a prey impulse, which makes them want to chase, sometimes even kill small animals. Pointers can get along with cats if they are raised and trained with them. Dogs are probably the easiest pets to train. Especially for small predators like cats, we should introduce such good news. The relationship between the cat and the pointer is much more than it seems. You can do something to build a good relationship between them.

The predatory instinct of German wirehaired pointer

German wired pointer is a dog used to hunt small animals and birds. It’s in their genes and helps to control their intuition when it comes to something. When German wired pointer sees birds, squirrels, rabbits, cats or other small animals outside, their immediate reaction is to catch up. In hunting grounds, people always hope that they can track the smell of small prey and “point out” their prey. The existence of small animals causes superconsciousness around them. When the small animals escape the pointer, their “prey driven” instinct will start, and they have to chase. This is something new owners need to remember when they introduce new pointers to their homes, cats or vice versa. The same thing happens to people who have pets, rodents, rabbits and birds at home. German wirehaired pointer will be very curious. All the small animals wander around and make noises and smells that attract them. The pointer is not an aggressive animal, but this strong predator-prey instinct cannot be ignored without training. They don’t know what’s better. It seems that it’s better for German wired pointer to grow up with cats than to introduce them when they grow up and when their instincts are fully developed.

German wired pointer and cat at the same time

The best way to make German wired pointer and cat live in harmony is to keep them together as dogs and kittens. This may not be ideal for your particular situation, but it’s the most effective way. However, this approach is not guaranteed to be error free. It’s hard for two creatures with a natural predator-prey relationship to really get along at any time. That’s why it’s important to take precautions in their lives. If the cat is comfortable, it is less likely to run away quickly when the dog is near. When cats (or other small animals) run away from the pointer, the trouble comes, because these movements trigger their instinct to chase.


Train your German wired pointer

You need to get your kitten used to the house for a few days. Your German wired pointer also needs some time to adapt to the smell of your cat. This can be done by keeping the animals separate in the same house. Make their smell familiar to each other. When it comes to introducing them, it’s calm when you praise your German wired pointer. If your German wired pointer is a little bit too excited and rough, as people know, stand with the kittens until they calm down. If they don’t calm down, let the day end.