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Are Chinese crested dogs good pets?

Chinese Crested is a small breed of hairless dog. Although the name may imply another situation, the origin of this kind of dog is more likely to come from Africa than China. This is a small breed, about 11 to 13 inches tall, weighing between 5 and 12 pounds. Is Chinese crested a good pet dog? Now let’s take a look.

Chinese Crested is smart

Are Chinese Crested dogs good pets? Chinese Crested dogs are good pets. Whether it’s climbing a fence or jumping off a table, it doesn’t bother the dog to be higher. Some crested whales are even successful diggers, exploring their environment under the fence. Put a layer of sunscreen on your pet’s skin to make sure it doesn’t go home because of the pain. You can also wear a shirt and other protective clothing to protect your crested skin from the sun.


Chinese Crested dogs like learning new things.

Are Chinese Crested dogs good pets? Chinese Crested’s intelligence and natural curiosity make it easy to train. In addition, your dog will enjoy spending time with you, so it will enjoy a one-on-one training session. Despite its desire to be liked, it is known for its sensitivity. Remember to be patient and consistent when you teach your crowning skills or commands, because your dog will notice changes in your tone or attitude.

Chinese Crested temperament

Are Chinese Crested dogs good pets? Chinese Crested is a lively and fun dog with a lot of love and personality. It will want to give you a lot of kisses, a lot of hugs and cuddles. It’s very alert and is a good watchdog who will bark to let you know about an intruder. It’s a bit headstrong, stubborn and independent, so training can be difficult, and the best owners are those with experience. It has a charming personality and can be a very interesting partner at home. It’s very important just because it’s a puppy and you don’t give in to its baby. Chinese Crested dogs are good pets. This can lead to it being too timid, uncontrollable, impatient and aggressive. This dog needs a lot of attention and company, so if you go out a lot or even work all day, it’s not the best choice. Long time alone can lead to separation anxiety, which leads to destructive behavior. It will be attached to you and follow you everywhere. But it’s more conservative to strangers. Some teams do have higher dogs, especially with new situations or people, so socialization is crucial. Another factor that needs to be fully prepared is its vulnerability. It just takes a wrong step to sit down without checking under the blanket, etc. it can be seriously injured or even dead. They also tend to jump from too high, such as behind the sofa or the dog’s arm. Being the owner of the breed means devoting yourself to the moment when you know more about where it is, so you are less likely to get hurt. Buy a Chinese Crested dog.


Do you get along well with children and other animals?

Are Chinese Crested dogs good pets? Chinese Crested gets along well with children. It likes to play and has great feelings for them. However, it’s a small and fragile breed and it’s really the best family to have no children or have children who are older and know how to take care of the dog when touching and playing with it. Chinese Crested dogs are good pets. Children are clumsy, contact too hard, play too rough, will cause damage to the dog. Another problem with young children is that their loudness and sudden loud sound can upset the dog. Chinese Crested can be very good with other pets and social interaction, and even can play with them, but often envy them and any attention you may give them! Chinese Crested also gets along well with other dogs, but due to its size and vulnerability, when Chinese Crested plays with larger dogs, owners should be careful, because they may hurt Chinese Crested or even accidentally kill it.