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Are Chihuahuas evil?

Both trained Chihuahua and untrained Chihuahua are very loyal to their owners. However, untrained Chihuahua has a split personality. When they are with their hosts, they are cheerful, lovely, and calm. But when you give them to strangers, they become evil, growling, and grinning at people they don’t know. But you may ask, why did they suddenly become evil?


1. Improper training

Chihuahua, like most toy dogs, suffers from the so-called “dog syndrome” if not trained properly. Most people believe that, unlike big dogs, puppies don’t need to be properly punished. Because these puppies are spoiled, they will have some behavior problems, such as when they are not at home, they will not only attack other strangers but also other dogs. It’s how they defend their rule over others, whether it’s humans or dogs.

2. Training Chihuahua with belt

The best way to help Chihuahua avoid evil is to teach her to interact with the world. During training, chihuahuas need to be strapped in case they break off with larger dogs or humans. Tying your dog to a leash sends a clear message to your dog that you are the master and in control. If you sign a Chihuahua, you will also feel that your dog is very friendly, and your dog will be very comfortable to lead your dog forward.


3. Regulate Chihuahua’s behavior

Another way to prevent Chihuahua from evil is to make yourself a leader, just like raising a child. Limit what your Chihuahua can and can’t do, and don’t pick it up when it misbehaves. Always remember to reward only good behavior!
If you have children under six, Chihuahua may not be the best breed. This is because children under the age of 6 tend to get very excited and loud when they see such lovely puppies, and they may start to scratch them. As a result, Chihuahua may bite these children to defend themselves. However, as a loyal and entertaining personality, they treat the elderly well, living alone, and are known as good companion dogs.
In short, Chihuahua is a small but big dog. Chihuahua’s behavior is fascinating. Is Chihuahua pure happiness or pure evil? It’s up to you, master! As the saying goes, there are no bad dogs, only bad owners. It’s like being a parent. If you give a dog the resources and skills it needs, it will appreciate your company and perform well. Remember, do your research before you adopt a dog! It will help you in the long run.