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Are Chihuahuars easy to Train?

Chihuahuas are small and dainty dogs. They seem to be very clever. The ears are slightly larger and the eyes are rounded, which is a short-haired breed. In fact, Chihuahua is also very cute, some people may not accept their appearance, but it can not be denied that he is a very loyal dog. As their hair is relatively short, so in the winter, they should be put on their own small clothes. To prevent dogs from getting sick in the winter, Chihuahuas are known to get sick in the winter, so it is very difficult to get well,which is why we need to keep our chihuahuas fit. What are we supposed to do with a Chihuahua?


Train the Chihuahua to go to the bathroom:

In the beginning, training a Chihuahua to go to the bathroom was controversial. Even if Chihuahua had to be trained to go outside to the bathroom, toilet training was a positive reinforcement for the dog. Given the best chance to reward a variety of toys and snacks, Chihuahuas may go to the bathroom while eating or drinking water. If you want the training method to be effective, watch carefully how the Chihuahua eats and drinks, and set up a safe zone where the dog will never go to the bathroom, the best place is the dog’s Kennel, if the home does not have the dog cage also may let the dog go to the bathroom. How to make better use of Kokichi’s obedience is an interesting topic for training. In fact, many people feel that Kokichi dolls are not ready to be trained until they are six months old. But a lot of little chihuahuas learned some pretty bad behavior about six months ago. Now a little Chihuahua who wasn’t supposed to learn to sit still, but who could learn every shoe they could find. The Kokichi can be trained a little earlier, and they need to be trained as soon as they learn to chew around, which can easily lead to failure.

The reward is necessary:

It’s okay to want your Chihuahua to study, so we can grab her favorite snack and put it away. Give it a simple password, and give it a snack as a reward when it’s a little more manageable. If chihuahuas do the right thing but don’t get a reward, they don’t learn well. We can change the password to a word or two, after they understand, give them a treat, and stroke their head. Let it know it’s doing a good job, and in the future, if you say the password, they’ll respond. The Chihuahua will be looking forward to your reward.


Train the Chihuahua not to bite:

And we’re gonna train the Chihuahua not to bite. There are many ways to avoid Chihuahua Bites. First, we put the shoes in the shoe closet and close the door. And some valuable books should also be put away, in any case, all valuable treasures should be put away, do not let it see. In fact, the first thing to train Chihuahua can not be taught this password, and then teach the dog what things can be played, what things are not to play. Putting things away is a good idea, but it doesn’t teach the Chihuahua to avoid dangerous places, so teach them not to use the password.

If you want to train a well-behaved Chihuahua, early training is necessary.