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Are Cairn Terriers good pets?

Is Cairn terriers a good pet? The origin of Cairn terriers can be traced back to the end of the 19th century. Cairn terriers can be a good pet dog. Cairn terriers was originally used to kill foxes and pests that preyed on Farmers’ newborn lambs. This explains why the breed is so tenacious, because Cairn terriers often has to enter the quarry’s nest to complete its mission.

Cairn terriers’ temperament makes Cairn terriers a good pet dog

Cairn Terriers are sturdy buildings, probably due to the rugged terrain they had to cover in early varieties. The dogs are strong but small, less than 15 inches tall and weighing about 17 pounds. However, the proportion is very important for the breed, so the height to weight ratio is slightly different. Cairn terriers is a typical stem. The outline of the cultivar is rather square without exaggeration. The head is quite rectangular with extra fine hair on the muzzle to provide protection at work, which provides the material basis for Cairn terriers to become a good family dog. The ears fold in a neat little “V” shape. The neck is quite long and fits smoothly into the dog’s narrow, short back. Like most hounds, the tail of Cairn terriers is very high on the hip, and usually leans together, so that when the dog stands at attention, the tip of the tail is as high as the back of the head. The legs are strong and the back has a good angle to provide power. Cairn terriers almost seem to walk through their toes because their feet are tense and tense.

The friendliness of Cairn terriers makes Cairn terriers a good family dog

Although this is perfectly understandable, considering that most Cairn Terriers are friendly, most of them are excellent family dogs. Cairn terriers was originally used to hunt pests. It is a perfect example of multi-functional dogs. The multi-function of Cairn terriers ensures that Cairn terriers can become a good family dog. Cairn terriers is not only a good hound, but also makes many families very happy, because Cairn terriers is a very good family dog.

Cairn terriers’ IQ makes Cairn terriers a good family dog

Cairn terriers is a very friendly and smart dog. They are neither shy nor aggressive, and their personalities are near perfect. However, Cairn terriers does have some arrogance, which needs to be considered in training so that they won’t take advantage of you. Cairn terriers can be very stubborn and willful if they believe in what they want to be rejected or don’t want to do what you want them to do. They need a firm hand in their training, but Cairn terriers will get on well with everyone in the family. Once Cairn terriers understands what you want and what you expect from them, Cairn terriers will respond to your request very quickly. It may take longer to train Cairn terriers to be a good family dog, but they will eventually learn with your patience and perseverance. Training Cairn terriers is also something children can participate in, because Cairn terriers likes children and likes to be with them. Buy a Cairn Terrier.

Is Cairn terriers a good family dog?


Cairn terriers is a bit reserved to strangers, but never aggressive. This Cairn terriers likes and devotes himself to his family. Cairn terriers is energetic and needs a lot of outdoor sports, but he is also content to cuddle his host in the house. This is a variety that likes to challenge and performs best under the stimulation of spirit and body. Cairn terriers does have some bad habits and needs the help of the whole family. They like to dig outside for whatever reason; they dig as much as they can. Many digging dogs do this because they are boring. There are children at home. I hope the dog won’t have too much time to be bored. Barking is another bad habit that exists in many lakeside terriers. If you live in an apartment, this can cause problems for your neighbors if the dog is not trained at a very young age. Cairn terriers is a kind of dog, which can easily live in an apartment or a large family, because it is a very adaptable dog. Cairn terriers’ strong adaptability ensures Cairn terriers to be a good family dog. Cairn terriers does need exercise and likes to walk with family or play catch games. If you have the time and energy to do these things with your dog, Cairn terriers will be the perfect family dog for you. If you have other dogs or cats, it won’t be a problem, because Cairn terriers can get along with cats and dogs, which means Cairn terriers can be a good family dog.