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Are Brittany spaniels aggressive?

Brittany is a versatile breed. For some, it’s a kind of hound. For others, it’s a performance dog. But these dogs are also good companions. I don’t know when the history of this species can be traced back, but there are signs that they existed as early as the 17th century; you can see them in tapestries and paintings made in Western Europe at that time. At that time, Brittany dogs were bred in Brittany, France. But they have a niche market; those who can’t afford a whole brood of different breeds – each with a unique ability – tend to turn to the Brittany, which is known for its versatility.


Brittany should be trained from childhood

In France, Brittany dogs are still considered part of the hound family, but in the United States, they have developed into a breed that is considered more like gun dogs. Since most Brittany dogs can become performance dogs and hounds, the breed has won the double champion of the American dog club. Although Brittany dogs are excellent hunters, they are very emotional dogs and like to be with their owners. They are also very kind to the children, but they will be too enthusiastic and accidentally hurt the children who try to play with them. If there are other pets in the family, especially cats or other small animals, it may trigger the hunting impulse of Brittany dogs. Brittany dogs should communicate with people as soon as possible. But, for the most part, Brittany gets on well with the other dogs. However, they can be alert to unfamiliar faces.


Brittany training skills

As an energetic and occupied dog, Brittany dogs need a lot of exercises every day, otherwise, they may develop bad behaviors in order to entertain themselves. But it’s not hard to keep the dogs busy. They are good at dog sports, such as field experiments and agility, and also like to play with their owners outdoors.
Brittany is a very cute, gentle dog who responds best to active intensive training methods. Otherwise, they may be attacked with fear because of being abused.
The best way to guide Brittany‘s performance is to interact with a Brittany Dog from an early age – combined with active intensive training. Moreover, because Brittany is a dog, they are naturally forced to please their owners. However, Brittany dogs are also very attractive. The host must realize that they have the ability to try and always get what they want. If they are enabled, it will lead them to play the role of alpha.