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Are Briards suitable for kids?

Are Briards suitable for kids? Briard is a large ancient breed of shepherd dog that originated in France. These loving Briards used to be used for herding sheep. They have the ability to take orders and accomplish expected tasks. If you’re looking for a strong, long, agile, and fast-moving dog, Briard is a good choice. Briard has a simple, fluffy, fluffy coat, which makes them very cute.


Briard has a sensitive sense

Briard is an excellent family pet with great wisdom and understanding. They were used by the French army in the first and second world wars to deliver dangerous goods to the fighting forces. These species have sensitive hearing, so they are used to search for wounded soldiers in war.

Briard’s diet

Briard is a very active breed. You should provide enough nutritious food for Briard. But you’d better not leave the food there, because it’s over-saturated. You can give Briard a variety of feeds. Their diet may include fruit and meat. Avoid providing large amounts of gluten and grains.

The origin of Briard

As early as the 8th century, Briard originated in France. They are used to guard and graze livestock as well as farms and houses. In 1922, they first registered with the American dog club.

Briard’s behavior

Briard is one of the host’s best friends. If properly trained, they can also interact with other pets. However, Briard should keep a distance from reptiles, rodents or birds. These varieties are independent in nature and fast learning. They can be easily trained and respond well to the orders of the owners. Owners need patience, confidence and consistency in training. Briard is a smart, obedient, and lively dog with the ability to turn a dog-hating person into a dog-loving person.


Briard’s lifestyle

Briard is friendly and loyal by nature. They can easily coexist with other pets and are safe for children. These breeds don’t trust strangers. When Briard is taught to learn faster with love and respect. You should be with Briard. Their fast learning ability enables them to easily learn new tasks and skills. Because they’re cute and athletic. Briard also likes tracking, herding, agility, wheelbarrow and new tasks. Whether in a puddle, pond or lake, these dogs can have fun in the water. Briard is a good watchdog, very protective of their owners and children. Sometimes, if Briard doesn’t have a chance to socialize, they dominate.