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Are Borzois good pets?

Good pets Borzois is a good-looking dog with many desirable qualities. However, having such a large puppy also has its challenges, and potential buyers should know in advance. Although good pets Borzois is not a talking dog, but he has a gentle tendency to bite, you have to control, and good pets Borzois is a dog that can be controlled. Adulthood is another thing.


Is a Borzoi good pet?

With good training, these Borzois can be gentle and good pets. However, considering their temperament, Borzois is not good at poor housing, and children must be taught to be gentle with them. In the same way, Borzoi can knock down and hurt a child because of his size. So, you have to monitor the interaction between the dog and the child at all times.

Good pets Borzois is an excellent family dog

Borzoi is a cute, smart dog. Good pets Borzois is proud and loyal to his family. Good pets Borzois has feelings for acquaintances. Good pets Borzois can be trained to obey, but it should be remembered that good pets Borzois is a hound, so it is more free to think and less willing to please humans than some breeds. However, good pets Borzois is a very intelligent and capable learner.

How to train good pets Borzois?

The training of this breed needs to be gentle, but firm and consistent. Borzoi needs a master who shows natural authority over himself, understands the rules of his family, and sticks to them confidently. Good pets Borzois often act like cats because they keep themselves clean. Good pets Borzois is a quiet dog that seldom barks. Like all other viewers, good pets Borzois is fast and has little territorial instinct. Therefore, good pets Borzois cannot be trusted without restriction unless it is in a safe fence or a very safe area. Buy a Borzoi.

Can good pets Borzois play with children and small animals?


If they see a small animal, good pets Borzois may follow it and not even hear you call them back. Good pets Borzois gets along well with other dogs, but should be supervised with small non dog pets such as cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. It is not recommended to stay outdoors with small animals. Interact well with cats and other pets at the youngest possible age, but remember that Borzoi is always a hunter and may chase runaway animals. Borzoi is a noble dog and gets along well with children, but good pets Borzois is not suitable as a partner for children, because good pets Borzois is not suitable for rough games. In the growing stage, these dogs need a high nutritional diet. Yes, if good pets Borzois grew up around these animals. Remember, Borzoi is raised to chase and catch prey; any small animal that runs can trigger this response. This is especially true of cats. Remember, your good pets Borzois may be nice to your indoor cat, but when a cat, or even his indoor cat, runs away from him, good pets Borzois may dramatically change his attitude outdoors.) Most good pets Borzois are good partners when they grow up with children, but they are not a breed that can tolerate the rough treatment that children sometimes cause. Children should be taught how to treat Borzoi properly. Remember the size of good pets Borzois. If a very small child is accidentally knocked down by Borzoi, it is easy to get hurt. If a child plays rough with a dog, the dog sometimes reacts and plays rough with the child. For these reasons, children should be supervised when they are around good pets Borzois.