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Are Biewer Terriers easy to train?

Biewer Terrier is a small-sized toy dog breed that was originated in Germany. It is a rare dog breed that was developed through the recessive piebald gene in two Yorkshire Terriers.
Biewer Terrier is an obedient, energetic, clever, and affectionate temperament dog that does best with a loving family. In this part, you will learn about their training methods and strategies.

When to Start Training Biewer Terrier?
Training should be started when the puppies are still young. Even at the age of 8-10 weeks, they are smart enough to soak up new commands and instruction. Since they are eager to please at this age, housetraining and basics should be started. They will master the basics when they reach 3-4 months old which is the time for their pre-agility.
Advance training should be started as they get 6 months old. By this time, the Biewer Terrier is ready for agility.

Where to Start Training Biewer Terrier?
Training Biewer Terrier depends on which level you are teaching them. If they are learning basic obedience training, they can learn that in the house itself or in the yard. They tend to learn quickly when they are at home with less distraction. Although the training should be for a short time, otherwise, your dog will get bored and try to entertain itself.
For agility training, take your dog to an open place where they can perform their physical activities effectively. Enroll them in good physical activities with treats and praise to motivate and encourage them. They love being challenged mentally, so involve them in mind games, tricks, and other dog sports.

How to Define Task for Biewer Terrier?
Use your hand gesture, body language along words to make your Biewer Terrier understand what you are trying them to do. With certain words, use certain hand gestures like waving your hand down to tell them to sit. Likewise, do the same for other tasks and commands.
For some advanced training, demonstrate them by performing the task by yourself. Show them how the task is done and they will follow you like a mirror. Therefore, use body language to make your pooch training easy and convenient. If you want to have your own Biewer Terriers, you can click here for more information.