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Are Belgian Tervuerens good for first time owners?

A highly intelligent and energetic breed, Tervueren. Marino is also a type of work, often in the military and law enforcement departments. Many families are impressed by the appearance of this breed and its clever way. They will naturally doubt whether the breed is suitable for them. Is Belgian Tervueren good for first-time owners? Let’s see it together.


A brief overview of Belgian Tervueren

Belgian Tervueren is not recommended as the first dog owner. Belgian Tervueren has a strong work ethic, positive, protective, and powerful. Although it is not recommended to have a dog for the first time, Belgian Tervueren is family-oriented and will want to spend time with everyone indoors or outdoors. Like other dogs, they have to be part of the family because they become very attached. Belgian Tervueren also has a keen sense of smell and usually has a strong toy drive. An active family is a perfect match for Belgian Tervueren. They are not an easy-going pet. Hanging out is not their style. They have two speeds: fast and faster.

How to find a Belgian Tervueren?

You find a reputable breeder that means finding the right Belgian Tervueren for everything. A breeder with a good reputation is proud of what they have done. You have to share your lifestyle with the breeder to see if they have a suitable puppy. A breeder has been with the puppies for weeks and knows their temperament. The rule of thumb for you to pick a Belgian Tervueren is to find the most outgoing, friendly, and confident puppy in the nest. If you have a trainer in mind who is proficient in the Marinus breed, take them to the breeder to get their feedback on the dog.


How to raise the Belgian Tervueren?

The first step in raising the Belgian Tervueren is to make sure they learn to obey the training. When you own a Belgian Marino, it’s true. You can find an experienced trainer who understands this high-level dog and has a good track record with this breed. Belgian Tervueren is a running dog. Be sure to find a suitable activity for them, such as flying ball, agility training, and grazing.